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Potatoes for the BBQ

Recipe from: Cheri J
Servings: 2 to 4

With these simple ingredients, these are the best I have found. You will not taste the salty soy sauce the potatoes obsorbe the salt. This is all to personal taste and I have added other "things to this". This is a basic recipe for you're BBQ.

4 medium potatoes, cut into slightly larger than bite size they will shrink during cooking
1 cup soy sauce, give a generious dousing
1 medium onion, cut smaller than potatoes (or more)
¼ cup butter
2 teaspoons garlic powder

Mix all ingredients in bowl. Except soy sauce. Use a generious amount of foil, spray center with "Pam cooking spray". Place all the veggies from bowl in the area you just sprayed, add soy sauce douse to taste, add more butter if you want, fold top up and over, and over to seal top of package, fold over ends and fold again — Crimp and seal in the juices! If you did not get it right, when you flip it it will leak out the juices. Ok, this will make the package able to flip ½ way through cooking, and not loose what is inside. Cook for 20 minutes on the BBQ medium heat and flip over cook another 20 minute.

I made this last night and added ½ a red pepper cubed.I also added 2 washed and chopped green onions, along with the other onion. Just wanted more color, and the pepper was wonderful the guests commented on it's flavor.

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