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Salad and Salad Dressing Recipes

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Really Authentic Greek Salad

Recipe from: princessbride029
Servings: 1 to 3

Just got back from a trip to Greece! I thought I knew what Greek salad was until I ordered one and got this concoction devoid of lettuce... haha. But it turned out to be my absolute favorite dish there and I ordered it many times. The key is to have the very freshest ingredients, including the feta. This makes a main dish for one person, or a side dish to share between 2 or 3. Easily fits into many special diets.

1 medium tomato, halved and thickly sliced — add another if serving more than one person
1 cucumber, sliced to ¼ inch — peeling is optional
1 green bell pepper, cored and seeded, sliced into rings
1 to 2 slice red onion, separated into rings
5 to 10 kalamata olive
¼ pound Greek feta cheese, sliced thickly
dried greek oregano (Rigani)
top quality extra virgin olive oil

Arrange all vegetables, prepared as listed, on a serving platter. Top with Greek feta slices. Sprinkle liberally with Greek oregano. Serve extra virgin olive oil on the side for those who enjoy a drizzle of it. Eat and enjoy!

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