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Hot Sauce (Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce)

Recipe from: Ted Wagner

1 or more pounds of cayenne peppers, (ripe are red)
canning vinegar (5% higher acid)
Large glass bowl with lid or a crock

Cut and de-seed all peppers. For hotter sauce, do not de-vein. For a more medium sauce, de-seed and devein. Chop into small pieces and place in glass bowl or crock. When all peppers have been cut, place vinegar into container until you've covered the peppers by about ½ inch of vinegar. Let sit in cool place for 3 weeks; every few days, stir peppers thoroughly. At the end of 3 weeks, use a food processor or high speed hand blender. Drain vinegar (keep in glass jar for later use if you like spicy vinegar). Process the peppers with the food processor or hand blender until peppers are liquefied. Place in glass containers and let age in the refrigerator another 2 months...stirring or shaking bottles every week.

To make a hotter and "greener" sauce, add jalapeño peppers with your cayennes when you start. You can also add habanero or other peppers to taste.

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