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Orange Chipotle Salsa

Recipe from: Jack Schidt

3 cans mandarin oranges
2 dry chipotles, stem off and de-seeded
4 scallions
some cilantro

Rinse the mandarin oranges, cuz they come mit light syrup; wash dat stuff off. The reason I used mandarin is because the fresh oranges I can find aren't so good this time of year. In february round here, the oranges are better. So is this recipe.

After you rinse the mandarins a coupla times, mash em up. take the dry chipotles (not the canned ones in adobo, but the dry kind you make yourself or get from Penzey's) and julienne then and then cut them again (mincing, no?). Add them to the oranges.

Slice up some fresh scallions and toss them in the mix. Then add as much cilantro as you see fit.

You're done. Let it sit for a while so the flavors marry and the chipotles hydrate.

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