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Salsa Recipes

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Kiwi-Apple Salsa

½ pound or 3-4 tomatillos, golfball sized
1 kiwi
¼ c white onion, diced
¼ c cilantro, chopped and loosely packed
1 jalapeño
1 lime
1 Granny Smith apple

Remove the husk and quarter the tomatillos and put them in a blender. Peel the kiwi, quarter it, and add it as well. Add the onion and cilantro. Remove the stem (and the ribs and seeds, if you wish) from the jalapeño and add it along with the juice of the lime. Purée until all large chunks are gone. Add salt and sugar to taste. Peel and dice apple and add to the salsa. Chill and let rest approximately 15 minutes so the flavors can mingle. Makes about 1 ½ cups.

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