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Babychops' Famous Salsa

Recipe from: Babychops

Friends from work used to hire me to make this salsa for work functions as I always used fresh ingredients from my garden, it is so fresh and healthy I hope you enjoy it! Sadly the bunnies and squirrels have discovered my garden site and I no longer have one... Fresh from the garden is best!

10 large beefsteak tomato
15 large tomatillo
3 large yellow onion
1 head garlic, peeled
3 jalapeño pepper
3 serrano pepper
2 habanero pepper
1 bunch cilantro
3 lime
kosher salt

Dice tomatoes by hand (food processor pretty much liquifies them so it's best to dice by hand), chop onion into small bits unless you prefer smaller, then throw into food processor with garlic and peppers and pulse until desired texture. Thoroughly wash, drain and chop cilantro, add all to a large serving bowl. Squeeze the limes over everything (don't forget the salt as it completes and enhances the flavor), mix well and enjoy with Mission tortilla chips (those are best unless you have home made).

This recipe will feed a crowd, it has just enough kick and lovely flavor from the habeneros so add at least one if you're a bit chicken. I often use some of the salsa in omelets the next day - or add to tacos, etc. It will only last a few days as other than salt there are no preservatives so make it the day you plan to eat it for best results.

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