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Portugese Family Salsa

Recipe from: Ethan Barrow
Servings: 6

A surfing buddy of mine who's parents were from Portugal shared a recipe many years ago with me for the best homemade salsa I have ever tasted. I make it all the time and have made a few subtle changes, but all and all the ingredients are the same. The purple cabbage coupled with the right amount of Jalapeņo juice is what makes it. I almost always try and make enough to last for days, however, it's consumed instantly! Enjoy this salsa alone with blue chips and Guacamole, wrapped in warm tortillas de maiz, spooned on top of a thick Chilean Sea Bass steak (from Whole Foods due to best fishing practices), or for breakfast with brown rice and black beans...

6 fresh tomatoes
1 white onion
3 carrots
½ cup fresh cilantro
½ cup purple cabbage
2 limes
2 4 ounce cans La Victoria diced jalapeño
sea salt

The trick to this salsa is the chunkier the better! This is not the "tomato paste with a few peppers" salsa you get at your local Mazatlan. This is the freshest Pico de Gallo you can imagine. How good it tastes is solely based on your tasting the results each step of the process (the most enjoyable part!). So, get out your largest cutting boards, your sharpest knifes, small bowls for each ingredient, your grater, one big steal bowl, and a wooden spoon. This can be a fun kids or couple project if you want to include others.

Essentially hand dice everything in their own neat little piles to be placed in their own respective bowls (except for the tomatoes which should be placed in the big bowl). Grate the carrots and cabbage with large holes next. Open the two 4 ounce cans of La Victoria diced jalapeños three quarters of the way and then drain the juices one at a time into the bowl with the tomatoes. Once drained, dice up some of the contents of the cans, but don't use too much. It is easier to get the spiciness you require by tasting with only the tomatoes up front. As soon as you can sense a light aftertaste/tangyness of jalapeños, you are there. I like mine a bit on the hot side and typically dice about two solid teaspoons of actual jalapeños. I only use one and a half cans of the juice. When this step is complete, pile in the onions, carrots, cilantro, and cabbage. Squeeze in some lime juice, add some salt to taste, and it is finished!

This salsa is a simple/healthy recipe, but so delicious. If invited to a dinner party, I will often drop by our local market and grab all of the ingredients (no bags necessary), whip up a jar and bring it along with blue chips. People can taste the difference right away between store bought and fresh homemade organic salsa—Always keep the bottom of the batch at home for yourself though. Day two is even better.

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