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Shredded Roast Beef Poboys

Recipe from: kristalyn
Servings: 10 to 12

6 pounds chuck roast
4 ounces beef broth (B-V Beefer Upper)
salt and pepper
poboy bun or hoagie roll

Wash roast in cold water. Season roast lightly with your seasoning of choice then place it in a hot skillet and brown on each side! (Do not season to much as the beefer upper is pretty salty already). Place the roast in a large crockpot and pour the whole 4 ounce bottle of B-V The Beefer Upper Broth and Sauce on top of the roast! Pour enough water in the crock pot to cover the roast completely. Cook for 8 hours on medium heat.

Remove roast from the crock pot and remove the fat and shred with a fork. Pour gravy into a medium pot and add mixture of cornstarch and water to the gravy and simmer until desired consistency! ( make sure that you mix the cornstarch and water in a cup before pouring and be sure not to add to much because it will make the gravy slimy if you do). After the gravy is ready add your shredded roast! If you choose to add barbq sauce do not use all the gravy as it will be to watery.

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