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Sandwich Recipes

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Pan Bagnat

This speciality sandwich from Nice started out as a Salade Niçoise in which stale bread was crumbled about an hour before it was served. The name literally means "bathed bread". It can be made with varying ingredients and various amounts but the basics are listed below.

Round bread roll, split in two, remove ⅔'s of the insides
garlic clove
Tomato slices
Onion slices
Hard boiled egg(s)
Thin strips of red or green pepper
Pitted black olives
Anchovy fillets (in oil)
your favorite vinaigrette recipe

Rub the garlic clove along the inside of the bread shell and brush with a little of the olive oil.

Layer the slices of tomato, onion, eggs, pepper and olives in the bread. Brush with a little more of the oil.

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