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Fried Bologna Sandwich

Recipe from: Tamie

A neighborhood bar in Sandusky, OH, makes the best fried bologna sandwich.

1 thick cut slice (half inch) bologna
1 large kaiser bun
brown mustard
1 slice swiss cheese
1 thick slice sweet onion

Fry a thick-cut slice (half-inch) of bologna on the griddle, with a slit cut in the bologna from the middle to an edge to prevent it from curling while frying.

Prep a large kaiser bun with brown mustard on both halves.

Place a slab of swiss cheese on the bologna after turning it once, and after it has developed that wonderful slightly burnt, crispy coating.

Remove bologna from griddle after cheese melts slightly, and place it on the bottom bun half.

Carve a thick slice of sweet onion and place it on the bologna, and cover with the top bun half.

Enjoy with a crisp, cold dill pickle spear, Ballreich's Marcelled Potato Chips (from Tiffin, OH) and a tall, cold draft beer.

OMG, it is slap-your-momma good!!!! ;-)

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