Clay's Kitchen : Sauce and Stock Recipes

Sauce and Stock Recipes

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Financière Sauce

Used with roast or braised black game and grouse, boudins of game, sauteed fillets of fowls, larded and braised legs of fowls, boned, stuffed and braised saddle of lam, for a filling to raised pies of game, rabbits and quails, roast pheasant, boned, stuffed and braised quails, larded and braised fillets of rabbits, turkey stuffed with veal forcemeat and roasted, vela chops larded and braised, larded and braised fricandeau of veal.

Into a quart of good Espagnole, work a little meat glaze, cayenne, ½ pint of Madeira wine, a ½ pint of mushroom liquor or catsup, and a few minced mushrooms and truffles.

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