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Red Chile Sauce

Recipe from: catalinacrawler
Servings: 25

Every Christmas my mom makes tamales and posole, and I can't have either without her red chile—So simple and so much better than canned but be careful when blending cuz this can be messy and red chile stains!

16 ounce bag red dried New Mexico chiles
2 teaspoons garlic powder
2 teaspoons salt
water, to cover

Remove stems and using a small knife slice the chiles lengthwise. Remove seeds and veins. Rinse with hot water. Put chiles in a large pot and cover with water, and bring to a low boil. Let chiles cook until soft, approximately 10 minutes.

Remove from water and let cool, reserve water for later use. Working in batches fill a blender less than half way up with chiles and add about 2 cup of the water from the pot. Cover and blend on high—Careful here, this stuff tends to splatter. Once the blender is going you can remove the lid and add more chiles or water depending on the consistancy, you dont want it too thick or too thin. Blend on high for approximately 10 minutes.

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