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Sanguinaccio Abbruzzese Di Gina (Blood Sausage)

Recipe from: Missy Wombat
Servings: 4 to 6

Adapted from Preserving the Italian Way by Pietro Demaio. Cooking times are guesses.

5 liters pork blood
3½ ounces sultanas
1 orange peel
½ loaf fresh white breadcrumbs
9 ounces pork fat, in small cubes
4 ounces salt

Mix the blood and the additives and fill a cacciatore skin [1] until half full. Place into warm water and gradually bring to almost boiling until the sausage floats to the surface. Plunge into cold water to set and keep for approximately 2 weeks.

[1] Well, that's what the recipe indicates, and I have no idea what "hunter skin" would be — I suspect regular hog sausage casing are used.

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