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Boerewors (South African Farmers' Sausage)

Boerewors is as South African as Madiba! There are as many variations as there are farmers in the country. This recipe is truly just the basic recipe for this South African staple.

1.5 kg beef
1.5 kg pork
500 g speck
50 ml whole coriander
25 ml salt
5 ml freshly ground black pepper
2 ml ground cloves
2 ml grated nutmeg
150 ml vinegar
approximately 90 g casings

Scorch, grind and sift coriander. Cut meat into 50 mm cubes and combine with remaining ingredients, except speck and vinegar. Mince meat and finely dice speck. Add speck and vinegar to minced meat and mix lightly, but thoroughly. Stuff into casings. Fry, grill or barbecue as desired.

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