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Beef Filet

Recipe from: Clay Irving
Servings: 1

Heat water bath to 134°F.

Vacuum pack the filet and drop package into water bath. I let it cook for a little more than an hour (approximately 70 minutes) — Cooking time isn't so crtical because it can't cook any higher than 134°F. Longer cooking times would cause textural changes as the collagen and meat fibers begin to break down.

After cooking Sous Vide, I cut open the bag, seasoned the filet with salt and pepper, and seared all sides in a non-stick pan with a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I meant to season the filet before I vacuum packed it). I used tongs to hold the filet in place while searing the sides and ends. I transferred the filet from the pan to a plate and let it rest for 15 minutes.

The filet was perfectly cooked medium rare.

A freshly cut beef tenderloin filet that's about 14 ounces — Courtesy of my friendly neighborhood butcher, Manhattan Meats in Manhattan Beach, CA.

The temperature dropped by 0.2°F when I took the cover off and placed the "meat package" in the water bath, but the PolyScience immersion circulator promptly returned the temperature to 134°F and maintained the exact temperature for the duration of the cooking period.

After Sous Vide cooking, the filet is seared in a hot pan for the Maillard reaction.

Transferred from the pan to a plate to rest for 15 minutes.

Perfectly cooked medium-rare filet!

The filet is evenly cooked to a specific temperature — Unlike the different levels of doneness obtained by traditional cooking methods.

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