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Chipotle Lime Salt

Recipe from: Steve Wertz

I saw an company at the farmers market this weekend selling chipotle salt, $6 for about 2 to 3 ounces. I decided to make my own.

1 can of Embassa chipotles in Adobo — I use Embassa brand because there's more chilies and less tomato sauce
1 pound of semi-fine rock salt — could use kosher, too
½ cup, or more, cilantro leaves, optional, I suppose
juice of 5 limes

Purée everything but the salt — stick blender to the rescue. Mix in the salt. Spread on a cookie sheet and set in a low 130°F oven for 5 hours, mixing it up every hour so it dries evenly. Using the rock salt like I did, nothing clumped up at all. Kosher salt may pose more of a problem in that regard.

You can then grind some of it fine to use as a table salt, or use the coarse salt as is for whatever. I haven't figured out what all 'whatever' is yet, but I'm sure I'll find some uses. Would make good gifts if you put it in fancy jars.

Total cost - about $2.10/pound. I think I'll try some other flavors using the same method.

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