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Steak Recipes

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Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Servings: 12

6 pounds whole beef tenderloin
2 cups dry red wine
3 tablespoons Kentucky bourbon
1 teaspoon liquid smoke
1 ½ cups olive oil
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 cup chili sauce
¼ cup onion grated
6 cloves garlic minced

Combine all ingredients except beef in a large glass or plastic container and mix well. Trim beef of fat and add to marinade, cover and refrigerate for 24 hours, turning occasionally. Remove tenderloin from marinade and place on top rack of a covered gas grill. Close cover. Keeping heat low, turn meat occasionally and baste with remaining marinade. Cook about 1 hour or until desired doneness is reached. Let the cooked beef rest for about 10 minutes and cut into filets. Discard marinade. Serve with mushrooms sauteed in butter, or horseradish sauce.

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