Clay's Kitchen : Tam Ra Ahan Thai (Thai Recipes) ตำราอาหารไทย

Tam Ra Ahan Thai (Thai Recipes) ตำราอาหารไทย

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Yam Pla Muek Krop (Crispy Squid Salad) ยำปลาหมึกกรอบ

Recipe from: ยำ ลาบ สลัด

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Click on picture to enlarge

20 small dry squid bodies
2 tablespoons lime juice
8 to 10 fresh prik ki nu
¼ cup roasted peanuts
½ cup thinly sliced onion or shallots
5 or 6 tablespoons sliced mango
½ cup chopped celery
1 bunch cilantro
4 red chiles
2 tablespoons nam pla
1 teaspoon palm sugar granules
1 cup oil for frying

Slice squid cross-wide (into rings). Wash with water and air dry. Add oil in frying pan and heat. Add squid and fry a little until the squid is golden and crisp. Remove from oil. Dissolve lime juice, nam pla, and palm sugar. Add sufficient ground, broken prik ki nu to taste. Add crispy fried squid in a bowl with roasted peanuts. Add the lime juice mixture. Place lettuce in bowl, add the salad mixture and juices, and garnish with chile and red chiles. Serve immediately.

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