Clay's Kitchen : Nấu Ăn Việt Nam (Vietnamese Recipes)

Nấu Ăn Việt Nam (Vietnamese Recipes)

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Gà Hấp Cà (Steamed Chicken with Tomatoes)

Servings: 4

1 ½ pound chicken pieces
3 ripe tomatoes
3 spring onions
3 thin slices fresh ginger
2 tablespoons soy sauce
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon sugar
ground black pepper to taste
2 teaspoons sesame or other vegetable oil

Bone the chicken and cut flesh into bite size pieces. Reserve bones for stock. Put chicken into a heatproof bowl or other deep dish. Add tomatoes cut into thin wedges, spring onions finely sliced and ginger cut into thin strips. Add seasonings and oil and mix thoroughly. Put the dish in a pan with water to come almost halfway up the dish. Cover and steam for 25 to 35 minutes or until chicken is tender.

Serve with rice and nước chấm.

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