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1995 $1 Federal Reserve Note Back Plate Number 295 Engraving Error

Back plate number 295 in the Series 1995 $1 Federal Reserve Note is printed with a smaller size used by the Washington DC BEP facility (0.8mm) instead of the size normally used for plate numbers by the Fort Worth BEP facility (1.2mm). Normally for the 1995 notes, the eastern districts (A through E) are printed in Washington, while the western districts (G through L) are printed in Fort Worth. Atlanta (F) is split between the two facilities. On a routine basis, the COPE-Pak equipment at one of the facilities is down for routine maintenance. During this time, the western districts are printed at Washington, or eastern districts are printed at Fort Worth.

The 295 number was used for 12 blocks of the G, H, I, J, K, and L districts for the following blocks: GM, GN, G✩, HE, IF, IG, IH, JF, KI, KJ, LW, and LX. The G✩ is rare with the 295 number, and IH, KI, and LX are fairly scarce, but the rest of the blocks are all common.

Since each facility creates its own plates, is it not possible that these Forth Worth notes were actually printed in Washington?

The notes below are sequential serial numbers in run 5 of the IF block (10,000 sheets were printed in this run).

The back plate numbers for each note is displayed below.

Serial number I27703373F has the smaller 295 check number.