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Light Green Seal (LGS)

Series 1934 $10 Federal Reserve Note, New York, Julian - Morgenthau, Plate# J25/260, S/N B32882050A

PCGS Choice New 63PPQ

Early Series 1934 Federal Reserve Notes were printed with apple green (light green seals), but the color was quickly switched to a dull bluish green. This note has a scarce micro-check number on the face (obverse side).

This is a note from the Miami Beach Hoard.


Mule Note

Series 1934 A $20 Federal Reserve Note, Mule Note, New York, Julian - Morganthau, Plate# G58/316, S/N B37336519A

PCGS Apparent Choice New 66

A note from the Miami Beach Hoard.

Back check numbers 317 and lower are mules.

FR-2212F | KL-3014

Series 1934A $ 1,000 Federal Reserve Note, Atlanta, Julian - Morgenthau, Plate# D2/5, S/N F00103924A, 80,964 printed for the Atlanta Federal Reserve District

CGA Very Fine 35

Part of the Dearborn Hoard.