Hopefully Soon-to-be My Lotus Elise

25 Jan 2005 - I got it!

Accessories and Add-ons for the Elise

  • Sector111
    Tasty Bits for your Elise
  • BlackWatch Racing
  • Group Lotus Aftersales
    Owning a Lotus is a personal experience and in this section you will find a range of accessories, parts and trim changes which will help you create an individual Lotus to suit your own personality.
  • elise-shop.com
    Offering a broad range of upgrades and spare parts for your Lotus Elise, your Exige or your 340R.
  • Lotus Webstore
    This is the official Lotus Cars webstore based in Hethel, Norwich, UK.
  • Lotus Wear by limited7 Sports Wear
  • Accessories for the Blaupunkt Los Angeles MP72 radio
  • ForcedFed Lotus Elise Performance Parts and Accessories
    WOW! A Turbo Charged Elise
  • Bell and Colvill
    On-Line Catalogue for Genuine Lotus Service Parts.
  • Eliseparts.com
  • Kawahara Motorsport (KMS)
  • 3M Paint Protection Products for the Elise
    3M Paint Protection film is a nearly invisible, "always-on" alternative to bulky and often problematic vinyl front-end protectors. You have to be close to the vehicle, and look hard, to spot this stuff. As with vinyl bras, it offers protection from stone chips, insects, small scratches, and the wear-and-tear sand-blasting effect from years of driving. Instead of having to remove and reinstall a bra after every foul-weather encounter (which can trap dirt and moisture underneath), paint-protection film is semi-permanently installed, similarly to window tint. It has a lifespan of about seven years and requires no special maintenance. Should the need arise, or when the film wears out, it can be replaced. And you can wax it along with the rest of your car, minimizing bug and sap stains and easing stain removal.
  • K&N Air Filter
    K&Nís high flow replacement air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration (Approximately 1-2 HP for the Elise) while providing excellent filtration. K&N replacement air filters are washable and reusable and come with a 10 Year / Million Mile Limited Warranty.
  • Lotus Lamin-x Protective Films
    Thick, strong, flexible, invisible...Lamin-x provides Clear and colored protective films that protect those highly impacted and easily damageable areas. Use for paint, headlamp, headlight, fog light protection, or many other surfaces.
  • Pipercross VIS (Velocity Intake System)
    The Velocity intake system is designed to maximize the torque and power produced by your engine. While the bhp gain is important, this system's tuned length, similar to the tuned length of a performance exhaust, will give a broader power band. Giving you increased power, over a greater length of the time. This tuned length of carbon fibre also relocates the air filter into an area of cold air. The cooler dense air carries more oxygen to you engine, more oxygen mixed with more fuel will give a reliable increase in power. See the Press Release.
  • BBB Motors Ltd.
    Aluminum LOTUS letters to replace the cheesy decals on the back of your car, aluminum mesh front grills, and cool machined aluminum badges to replace the reflector on your door.
  • BobM's Stickerpage
    Lotus, Lotus Sport and Elise decals for your car.
  • RubberTite custom fit all-weather floor mats

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