Shogun 5-Day Trip / 26 - 31 Dec 2001

Many thanks to the Captian, Bruce Smith, and the excellent crew of the Shogun, John, Pete, Mike, Jason, Rik, and Cha-Chi!

Port side of the Shogun as we were preparing to leave. Some people wouldn't think 19 people need 150 or so rods and reels... At the bait receiver in San Diego Harbor. The Shogun holds 200 scoops and it took over an hour to load the bait for our trip because the Shogun's bait well and slammer tank were empty.

Sunrise at San Pablo Bay, Mexico on the morning of 28 Dec 2001. The fishing deck bloodied by the yellow tail bite at San Pablo Bay. That's Rik, one of the crew, washing off the fishing deck. Camille from Seaforth Landing is fishing next to Rick. That's Ed in the corner and "Yellowtail Jack" in the upper left corner.

Heading toward the Baja coast for a short fishing stop on the morning of 29 Dec 2001. Fishing at sunset -- The day before a full moon.

The 200 scoop bait well and bait stations on the Shogun Me with the 34.5 lb jackpot White Sea Bass caught at grey light on the morning prior to a full moon, 30 Dec 2001, at Punta Canoas. That's Gary in the corner and Jeff behind me)

Now that's a Christmas tree! Returning to the slip at Fisherman's Landing - Look at the fish! We had:
  • 388 Yellowtail
  • 33 Calico
  • 11 Sheepshead
  • 1 Black Sea Bass (released)
  • 1 White Sea Bass (soon to be on my dinner plate)
  • 17 Rock Fish
  • Uncounted barracuda, white fish and sand bass

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