Clay Irving::Photography::Ya (Sommai Ketsiri)


We went to a photo studio (Perfect Studio
on the 2nd floor of the Royal Garden Plaza in
Pattaya) to take these pictures.

Ya and Nok at the temple in Pattaya.

In the taxi coming back from the photo shoot.

Ya and I in a bar in Pattaya, Jun 2004

Ya and I in a bar in Pattaya, Dec 2003

Ya, Aug 2004.

Ya, Dang, and Noi outside the condo, Aug 2004.

Ya's older sister, Ya's mother, Ya, son of another sister, and Ya's sister, Dang, Aug 2004.

Playing pool at the Buffalo Bar on Soi 7 with Ya's brother and sister, 25 Aug 2004

Ya posing for the camera, 25 Aug 2004