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FDNY Companies by Boro and Division

Last Update: Saturday, 24-Aug-1996 15:48:03 EDT

See a description of the codes below. A text version is also available.

1Manhattan1E004 E006 E007 E010TL01 L010 TL015/DECON
2E018 E024 E055T005 L008 T020RH04
4E009/ST01 E015 E028L006 L011 TL018
6E005 E014 E033L003 TL09
7E001 E003/HR03 E026 E034TL012 TL021 L024
2Manhattan8E008 E016 E021 E065L002 TL07
9E023 E040 E054L004 TL035RS01 TS01
10E022 E039 E033 E053TL013 L016 L043RH01
11E037 E047 E074 E076TL22 TL25 T040
12E035 E036 E058 E091TL14 L026MK01 SB01
3Manhattan16E059 E069 E080TL23 L028 L030
Bronx3E064 E094 E096L047 L048 TL54
14E041 E060 E071 E083TL17 L029 L055
17E046 E068 E092L027 TL44 L049RS03 RC03
26E050 E073 E082L019 TL31 L042
4Manhattan13E067 E084 E093 E095T034 L036 TL45
Bronx15E038 E063 E066 E097/TA62T039 TL51 L061
18E045 E048 E088L038 L056 TL58
19E042 E043 E075 E081TL33 TL46 L059
20E061 E070 E072/ST02 E089 E090TL41 TL50 TL53
27E052 E062 E079L032 L037 L052
5Queens45E258 E259 E260 E261 E291TL115 L116 L128 L140
46E287 E288 E289 E292 E319 E324/ST04L136 TL138RS04 (E292) HM01 (E288)
49E262 E263 E307 E312 E316 E325TL117 L154 TL163CP01
50E270 E275 E298 E303 E305 E315L125 L126 TL127 T151
51E285 E286 E293 E294 E308 E331TL135 TL142 T143 T173
52E273 E274 E295 E297 E299L129 L130 TL144 TL152
53E251 E304 E306 E313 E320 E326TL160 TL162 TL164 L167
54E301 E302 E311 E314 E317L150 TL155 TL158 L165
6Brooklyn28E206 E218 E237 E238 E271L106 TL124
31E207/MW01 E210 E211 E226L110 TL119
32E202 E204 E205 E224 E279T101 T118 TL131
35E212 E216 E221 E229T104 L108 TL146
48E220 E239 E240 E282L122 L148
57E209 E217 E219 E230 E235L102 TL105RS02
7Brooklyn37E214 E222 E252 E277TL111 L112RH02
38E234 E249 E280L113 L123 L132
39E225 E236 E290L103 TL107
41E248 E250 E255 E281T147 TL157SQ01 TR01
44E227 E231 E233 E332TL120 T175 L176FC01
58E257 E283 E310 E323TL170 L174
Queens47E264 E265 E266 E268 E328 E329TL121 L134 L137
8Staten Island21E152 E153 E155 E159/ST05 E160 E161TL77 L78 L81TS02 RS05
22E154 E156 E157 E158 E163 E166TL79 L80 L83 TL86
23E151 E162 E164 E165/TA63 E167TL76 L82 TL84 TL85 TL87
Brooklyn33E254 E276 E309 E321TL153 L156 TL159
40E201 E228 E241 E278L109 TL114
42E242 E243 E247/TA64 E284/ST03 E330TL149 L168 TL172
43E245 E246 E253 E318TL161 L166 L169

Eengine company
Lladder company (note: CAD does not show TL for Tower Ladder and T for Tiller Truck)
BCbattalion chief
DCdeputy chief (Division)
RSrescue company
SQsquad company
FCfield communications unit
MWmaxi-water unit (2000 gpm pumper)
STmaxi-water satellite (hose tender)
SBsafety operating battalion
TStactical support unit (a hardware store on wheels)
TRtechnical response vehicle (similar to TS) qtrd with SQ01
TAthawing apparatus (mobile steam generator used to thaw hydrants)
MKmask service unit (mobile scott pack replenisher)
RHrehabilitation unit (soup kitchen on wheels for rehydration and warming or cooling of members)
RCrescue collapse unit (structural collapse utility truck, the 2nd piece of rescue 3)
FTfoam tender (carries numerous cans of foam concentrate)
FAfoam apparatus (a pumper with foam concentrate and a complete foam delivery system)
HUJFK airport hose tender
HMhaz-mat unit
MRmarine unit (boat)
HDdecontamination trailer (40 foot trailer used at haz mat jobs where members have to shower)
HRhi rise unit (van equipped with a hi rise repeater and other tools

Special Thanks to Jeffrey Moss and Frank Raffa FDNY dispatcher 347

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