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new york city frequencies
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31.2400Hofstra University
33.4000Cooper Hewitt Museum
33.9000NCFD Rockville Center5 Battalion
37.1400NCPD Aux Police (Low Band Mobile to Base)
37.9400NCFD Dispatch (Bellmore,Merrick)
39.4000NCPD Aux Police (Low Band Base to Mobile)
39.5400Old Brookville Police
45.2800Town of Hempstead Public Works Highway
45.4400Town of Hempstead Public Works
46.0000NCFD Operations
46.0400NCFD Operations
46.1000NCFD Countywide Dispatch
46.1200NCFD 5 9 8 Battalion
46.2000NCFD 2 3 4 Battalion
46.2200NCFD Unit/Unit
46.3000NCFD Unit/Fireground
46.3200NCFD 1 6 7 Battalion
47.6600NYC EMS Morgue Shuttle Bus Ambulance
48.0200NCFD (Manhasset Lakevillei) 8 Battalion
123.3000NYPD Aviation Unit
139.8250FEMA Operations
139.9250FEMA Operations
142.3500FEMA Operations
142.3750FEMA Operations
142.4250FEMA Operations
142.9750FEMA Operations
143.0000FEMA Operations
150.9950Port Authority "D", Lincoln Tunnel Police and Maintenance
151.1150Port Authority "E", Bus Terminal Police and Maintenance
151.1600NYPD Aux Police
151.1750Parks Department Enforcement
151.2050Parks Department Operations Rangers Maintenace
151.2650LIRR New
151.2950Parks Department Operations Rangers Maintenace
151.3250Bronx Zoo
151.3850NCFD (Hicksville) 9 Battalion
151.4000Town of Hempstead Bay Constables
151.6550Adelphi University
151.6850New York Hilton Hotel
151.7450David Letterman Show
151.8050American Museum of Natural History Security
151.8650Grumman (Bethpage)
151.8950Better Car Service (Flushing), PL 100
153.2000Unisys (Lake Sucess)
153.2450DuPont Labs (Garden City)
153.2900David Letterman Show
153.3200Unisys (Lake Sucess)
153.3500Grumman (Bethpage)
153.7400NCPD Air & Marine
153.7550Port Authority "F", Bus Terminal/Lincoln Tunnel Portables
153.7700NYFD (Queens) Vehicle F2, Port F3, Pri Cmd
153.8300NYFD Primary Tactical, Portable F1
153.8900NYFD Citywide Vehicle F1, Port F7Javits Ctr
153.9350Nassau County Parks, Mitchell Field
153.9500NYFD (Brooklyn)Vehicle F3, Port F5, Sec Tac
154.0100NYFD (Manhattan) Vehicle F4, Port F4, Pri Cmd
154.0250NCFD (Great Neck) 8 Battalion
154.0400NCFD (Garden City) 1 Battalion
154.0400NCFD (Garden City) Dispatch
154.0400North Hempstead
154.0700NYFD (Bronx, Staten Island) Vehicle F5, Port F6,Sec Tac
154.1000Nassau County Community College Security P-Units
154.1150Nassau County Paging & Operations
154.1150NCFD DispatchAtlantic BeachMineolaWantaughLevittown
154.1150NCPD Aux Police (High Band)
154.1900NYFD (Bronx, Staten Island),Vehicle F5
154.2500NYFD (Manhattan) Vehicle F4
154.3700NYFD (Brooklyn) Vehicle F3
154.4000NYFD (Queens) Vehicle F2
154.4300NYFD (Citywide) Vehicle F1, Port F2, Sec Com
154.5150CW Post College
154.5400Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
154.5400Bloomingdales (PL 162.2)
154.5700Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo
154.5700Guggenheim Museum
154.5700Metropolitan Museum of Art
154.5700Molloy College
154.5700Museum of the American Indian
154.5700The Frick Collection
154.5700Whitney Museum of American Art
154.6000Adelphi University
154.6000Brooklyn Museum
154.6000Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo
154.6000Hofstra University
154.6000Museum of Modern Art
154.6000NCFD (Manhasset, Lakeville) 8 Battalion HT's
154.6000Roosevelt Island Housing
154.6250Grumman (Bethpage)
154.7100Hempstead Police F1
154.7250NYC EMS Command
154.7250NYPD Prospect Park Substation
154.7400Long Beach Police
154.7550NYPD Special Assignment
154.7700NYPD Special Assignment
154.7700Rockville Center Police Dispatch
154.7850NYPD Special Assignment
154.8600Great Neck Estates Police
154.8900Palisades Park Police F-1
154.9500Nassau County Sheriff Corrections
154.9650Port Authority "S", Passenger Ship Terminal, Brooklyn Piers
154.9800NCFD (Hempstead) 7 Battalion
155.0100Town of Hempstead Public Safety
155.0400Nassau County Medical Examiner
155.1900Old Brookville Police Patrol
155.1900Old Westbury Police
155.1900Oyster Bay Cove Police (Also MRD system)
155.2100Port Washington Police
155.2800NYC EMS MARS F2 Vol Ambulance Comms
155.2800NYC EMS Command
155.3250Old Westbury Police Dispatch
155.3400NYC EMS Command
155.3400NYC EMS MARS F1 Vol Ambulance Comms
155.3700Long Beach Police Patrol Cars
155.3700Nassau County DAF2
155.3700Port Washington Police
155.3700Rockville Center Police Patrol Cars
155.3700Sands Point Police
155.3700Statewide Intersystem Mutual Aid
155.4000NYC EMS MARS F3 Vol Ambulance Comms
155.4000NYC EMS Command
155.4000Winthrop Hospital
155.4750Police National Emergency Channel
155.5350NYPD Special Assignment
155.5650NYPD HQ Security
155.6100Great Neck Estates Police
155.6100Port Washington Police Dispatch/Operations
155.6100Sands Point Police
155.7150NYC EMS Headquarters
155.7150NYC EMS MARS F4 Vol Ambulance Comms
155.7150NYC EMS Command
155.9700Hempstead Police F2
156.1050NYCTA Maintanence of Way Signals Subway
156.1050Palisades Park Police F-2
156.2100Great Neck Estates Police
156.2100Long Beach Police
156.2100Police Nassau MRD Inter-system
156.2100Rockville Center Police
156.2100Sands Point Police
156.2750Marine 65 Port Operations
156.3000Marine 6 Inter Ship Safety
156.3250Marine 66 Port Operations
156.3500Marine 7 Commercial
156.3750Marine 6 7Commercial
156.4000Marine 8 Commercial
156.4250Marine 68 Non-Commercial
156.4500Marine 9 Commercial
156.4750Marine 69 Non-Commercial
156.5000Marine 10 Commercial
156.5250Marine 70 Commercial Digital Calling
156.5500Marine 11 Commercial
156.5750Marine 71 Non- Commercial
156.6000Marine 12 Port Operations USCG
156.6250Marine 72 Non- Commercial
156.6500Marine 13 Navigation Drawbridges
156.6750Marine 73 Port Operations
156.7000Marine 14 Port Operations USCG
156.7250Marine 74 Port Operations
156.7500Marine 15 Environmental (Receive Only)
156.8000Marine 16 Emergency Calling
156.8500Marine 17 NYPD Harbor unit
156.8500NYC EMS Command
156.8500NYPD Harbor Unit Marine 17
156.8750Marine 77 Commercial Oil Tankers
156.9000Marine 18 Commercial
156.9250Marine 78 Non-Commercial
156.9500Marine 19 Commercial
156.9500Staten Island Ferry Operations
156.9750Marine 79 Commercial
157.0000Marine 20 Port Operations
157.0250Marine 80 Commercial
157.0500Marine 21 USCG
157.0750Marine 81 USCG
157.1000Marine 22 USCG Liason
157.1250Marine 82 USCG
157.1500Marine 23 USCG
157.1750Marine 83 USCG Aux Freq
157.2000Marine 24 Public Correspondece
157.2250Marine 84 Public Correspondence
157.2500Marine 25 Public Correspondece
157.2750Marine 85 Public Correspondence
157.3000Marine 26 Public Correspondece
157.3250Marine 86 Public Correspondence
157.3500Marine 27 Public Correspondece
157.3750Marine 87 Public Correspondence
157.4000Marine 28 Public Correspondece
157.4250Marine 88 Commercial
157.7400Metropolitan Museum of Art
157.7400Museum of Modern Art
158.4600Brooklyn Museum
158.7300Staten Island Ferry Terminal Security
158.7750NYCTA Div B1 BMT Repeater (In Subway)
158.8050NYCTA Div B2 BMT Repeater (In Subway)
158.8350Nassau County DAF1
158.8800NYCTA Div A IRT Repeater (In Subway)
158.9250NCFD (Garden City) Park1 Battalion
159.7500Walsh Messenger (Garden City)
160.3050NYCTPD (Brooklyn) F1 Subway
160.3050NYCTPD Common Channel F5 Subway
160.3200LIRR PD (Penn Station) F4
160.3250AMTRAK Maintenance of Way
160.3350Metro-North Emergency Ch 6 (Grand Central Terminal)
160.3800LIRR Road 1 Train/tower
160.3800LIRR PD Police/Road Portables F2
160.3950LIRR Track Welding
160.3950NYCTA (Coney Island) Yard Tower A
160.4100Metro-North Signals & Maintenance Ch 3
160.4550LIRR PD Main Operations F1
160.4700PATH R-1, Train Operations
160.4850NYCTA (Staten Island) RT Maintenance
160.5000NYCTPD (Bronx) F2 Subway
160.5150AMTRAK Maintenance of Way
160.5450Metro-North Car Maintenance Ch 5
160.5600CONRAIL Police F3 Secondary
160.6050LIRR PD Unit/Unit MobilesF2
160.6800CONRAIL Police F4 Primary
160.6950NYCTPD RMP's F6 Partol CarsSubwayTransit
160.7250LIRR Maintenance of way Buildings & Bridges
160.7750AMTRAK Car Maintenance (Sunnyside)
160.7850LIRR Maintenance of Way Portables
160.8000AMTRAK Road F1 Primary
160.8000CONRAIL Trains F1 Primary
160.8150AMTRAK Police F2
160.8450NYCTA S. Brooklyn Railroad
160.8450NYCTA Yard IND BMT IRT Subway
160.8600CONRAIL Yards
160.8750NYCTA (Coney Island) Yard BMT IND
160.8950NYCTA (Coney Island YardTower B
160.9050NYCTPD (Manhattan) F4
160.9650NYCTPD(Queens) F3
160.9800CONRAIL Yards
161.0250NYCTA Coney Island Yard
161.0400PATH R-2 Police
161.0700AMTRAK Road F2 Secondary
161.0700CONRAIL Trains F2 Secondary
161.0700Metro-North Trains Secondary Ch2
161.1300CONRAIL Maintenance Signals BuildingsBridges
161.1600Metro-North Power Control Ch 4
161.1900NYCTA Div A IRT Subway
161.2050AMTRAK Police F4 Unit/Unit
161.2200Metro-North Police
161.2650LIRR Road 3 Freight/Yards
161.2800Metro-North Trains Road Ch 1
161.2950AMTRAK Police F3 Main
161.3250AMTRAK Car Maintenance Penn Station
161.3400CONRAIL Police Mobile PBX
161.3850LIRR Signal & Communication
161.4300CONRAIL Movements Desk
161.4450LIRR Road 2 Train/Dispatcher LIRR PD F2
161.4600PATH R-3, Maintenance, Emergency Response
161.5050NYCTA Div B1 BMT Subway
161.5350LIRR Road 4 Car Maintenance
161.5350PATH R-4, Car/Shop Maintenance
161.5500CONRAIL Police Vehicle Repeater
161.5650NYCTA S. Brooklyn Railroad
161.5650NYCTA Div B2 BMT Subway
164.8625FEMA Operations
165.6625FEMA Operations
165.6625NRC Operations
165.7125United Nations
165.9750USPS Postal Vehicle Ctl
166.1000United Nations Security
167.2750NRC Operations
167.8750NRC Operations
168.3250USPS Postal Vehicle Ctl
169.1000NRC Primary Field Ops
171.1750USPS Postal Vehicle Ctl
171.2625USPS Postal Vehicle Ctl
171.5750Department of Agriculture
408.0000USPS Operations Supervisors
408.1000State Department Operations
408.6000State Department Operations
409.2750USPS Operations JFK
409.6250State Department Operations Primary
409.7050State Department Operations United Nations
411.0250NRC Operations
411.0750NRC Operations
411.1500NRC Operations
414.7500USPS Postal Inspectors
415.0500USPS Postal Inspectors
416.2250USPS Postal Inspectors
416.2500NRC Operations
416.3000NRC Operations
417.2000Federal Protective
418.3000USPSPostal Police
450.0500WCBS TV Control Room to reporters/news vans
450.2875WCBS TV Control Room & TV Audio feed
450.3875WNBC TV Control Room & TV Audio feed
451.1750Town of Hempstead Water Department
452.7625LIRR New
452.8625LIRR New
452.8750PATH, Yard Train Movements
452.9125LIRR PD Vehicle Repeater
453.1000NCFD Syosset5 Battalion
453.1500Nassau County Public Works Channel 2
453.2250Nassau County Parks Security
453.2250SUNY (Old Westbury)
453.3250Nassau County Public Works Base
453.3250Nassau County Genral Services Security
453.3250NCFD Fire Marshall Haz Mat
453.3750Port Authority "W", Kennedy Airport Police, WTC
453.4000Port Authority "A", Police
453.4250NCFD Fire Marshall
453.5000Town of Hempstead Public Works Green Base
453.5500Brooklyn Museum
453.5500TBTA Operations - Triboro Bridge, Midtown Tunnel, Brooklyn Battery Tunnel
453.5750Brooklyn Museum
453.6000Sanitation (Manhattan) F1 Citywide Command
453.6250Sanitation (Queens) F2 Inspection
453.6500Port Authority "B", Airports, Police/Operations
453.6750Nassau County Genral Services Photo Base
453.6750Town of Hempstead Public Works Yellow Base
453.7000Sanitation (Bronx, Brooklyn) F3
453.7250Sanitation (Brooklyn North) F4
453.7500Nassau County Medical Center
453.850Nassau County Public Works Channel 1
453.8750Nassau County Medical Center Security
457.7625LIRR New
457.8625LIRR New
458.6125NCFD (New Hyde Park) 1 Battalion
458.8000NCFD (Syosset) 5 Battalion
460.0000MED 1 Medic Channel
460.0250MED 2 Medic Channel
460.0500MED 3 Medic Channel
460.0750MED 4 Medic Channel
460.1000MED 5 Medic Channel
460.1250MED 6 Medic Channel
460.1500MED 7 Medic Channel
460.1750MED 8 Medic Channel
460.2500SUNY (Old Westbury) Public Safety
460.5750NYFD Investigations Primary
460.6000NCFD (Jericho) 9 Battalion
460.6250NYFD Investigations Hirise
461.0625The Jewish Museum
461.1375New York Hilton Hotel
461.3000Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co (rptr)
461.3125Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
461.5875Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
461.6875Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
461.8000CW Post College
461.8625Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
461.9125NYU (Westbury) Antonio Ferri Lab
461.9125Waterside Plaza
462.8875Roosevelt Island, Roosevelt Island Mgmt Corp
462.9500NYC EMS Telemetry Control Secondary Ambulance
462.9750NCPD Med Comm Ambulance to Hospital Comms
462.9750NYC EMS Telemetry Control Primary Ambulance
463.0000MED 1 Hospital Channel
463.0250MED 2 Hospital Channel
463.0500MED 3 Hospital Channel
463.0750MED 4 Hospital Channel
463.1000MED 5 Hospital Channel
463.1250MED 6 Hospital Channel
463.1500MED 7 Hospital Channel
463.1750MED 8 Hospital Channel
463.2000NYC HHC Bronx Muni Hosp
463.2250NYC HHC Bird S. Coler Hosp
463.2250NYC HHC Harlem Hosp
463.2250NYC HHC Bellvue
463.2875Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
463.4250CW Post College
463.4250CW Post College
463.4375Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
463.4750CW Post College
463.5250SUNY (Old Westbury) Building & Grounds
463.5375Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
463.7500Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co (rptr)
463.9250Intrepid Museum
463.9500Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co (rptr)
464.0375Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
464.1500Roosevelt Island Tramway Security
464.3250Winthrop Hospital
464.3750SUNY (Old Westbury) Maintenance
464.4250CW Post College
464.4250Metropolitan Museum of Art
464.4250NYC HHC Elmhurst Hosp
464.4250NYC HHC Coney Island Hosp
464.5250Winthrop Hospital Security
464.5750New York Institute of Technology
464.7750Hofstra University
464.8625Nassau County Coliseum
464.8750Levittown Schools
464.8875Guggenheim Museum
464.8875New York Hilton Hotel
464.9125Rockefeller Center Mgmt Co
464.9750Broadway Mall
465.5875Long Beach Fire Repeater
465.6000NCFD (East Meadow) 6 Battalion
465.6000NCFD (Elmont) 7 Battalion
465.6250NCFD (Elmont) 7 Battalion
465.6250NCFD (East Meadow) 6 Battalion
465.6650Hilton Hotel Audio Video Sqd.
466.5875New York Hilton Hotel
466.9875Museum of Modern Art
469.4625Bryant High School (Woodside) P L84.5
469.8750New York Aquarium
470.3875NYCTA Community Repeater
470.4375NYCTA Staten Island RT Command
470.4875NYCTA Maintanence
470.5125NCFD (Massepequa)6 Battalion
470.6375NYPD Narcotics F1
470.6625NYPD Street Crime
470.6875NYPD SOD F2 Direct
470.7125NYPD Traffic F2
470.7375NYPD Intelligence
470.7625NYPD Detective F1
470.7875NYPD Manhattan HT
470.8125NYPD Situation Mayor Operations
470.8375NYPD SOD 1 3 Citywide, Highway, Aviation, ESU
470.8625NYPD Citywide 3 SOD 12 Car/Car
470.8625NYC Corrections Citywide 3
470.8875NYPD Internal Affairs
470.9125NYC Rikers Island Security
470.9125NYPD Manhattan North Portables
470.9375NYPD Brooklyn North Portables
470.9625NYPD Brooklyn South Portables
470.9875NYPD Queens Portables
471.0125NYPD Morals
471.0375NYPD Bronx Portables
471.0625NYPD Field Control
471.1125NYPD Communications Shop Channel
471.1870NYPD Tow Trucks
471.1375NYPD Detective F2
471.2120NYPD Highway Super.
471.2625NYC Corrections Security and Transportation
471.3125NCFD (Wantagh) 6 Battalion
471.4125NYC Board of Education School Safety
471.8625NYC Board of Education Administration
472.8125Nassau County OTB Nassau Downs
472.2375Starrett City Security (PL 141.3)
476.3125NYPD Div 4 Manhattan Pct 19 20 CP 23
476.3375NYPD Div 1A Manhattan Pct 6 10 13
476.3625NYPD Div 5 Manhattan Pct 24 26 30
476.3875NYPD Div 22 Staten Island Pct 122 123
476.4125NYPD Div 11 Brooklyn Pct 68 72 76 78
476.4625NYPD Div 10 Brooklyn Pct 60 61 62
476.4875NYPD Div 16B Queens Pct 107
476.5375NYPD Div 19 Queens Pct 100 101 102 106 SOD 8
476.5625NYPD Div 1 Manhattan Pct 1 5 7 9
476.5875NYPD Div 3 Manhattan Pct MTN MTS 17
476.6125NYPD Div 20 Staten Island Pct 120
476.6375NYPD Div 6 Manhattan Pct 25 28 32
476.6625NYPD Div 9 Bronx Pct 47 50 52
476.6875NYPD Citywide 2, Car/Car Queens Brooklyn
476.7375NYPD Citywide 1, Car/Car Bronx Manhattan (Channel 10)
476.7625NYPD Div 14A Brooklyn Pct 77 84 88
476.7875NYPD Div 14 Brooklyn Pct 79 81
476.8125NYPD Div 17 Queens Pct 110 114 115 SOD 6
476.8375NYPD Aux Police Bronx Pct 43 45
476.8625NYPD Div 12A Brooklyn Pct 63 66 70
476.8875NYPD Div 5 North Manhattan Pct 34
476.9125NYPD Div 8 Bronx Pct 41 43 45 49
476.9375NYPD Div 16B Queens Pct 109 SOD 5
476.9625NYPD Div 7A Bronx Pct 42 46 48
476.9875NYPD Div 13 Brooklyn Pct 73 75
477.0125NYPD Div 16B Queens Pct 111
477.0375NYPD Div 18 Queens Pct 104 108 112SOD 7
477.0625NYPD Div 7 Bronx Pct 40 44
477.0875NYPD Div 12 Brooklyn Pct 67 69 71
477.1125NYPD Div 16A Queens Pct 103 105 113 SOD 4
477.1375NYPD Div 15 Brooklyn Pct 83 90 94
477.1625NCFD (Glenwood) 5 Battalion
477.1625NCFD (Plainview) 9 Battalion
477.1875NCPD Channel 2, N. Admin Data
477.2125NCPD Channel 6, Pct 4 5
477.2375NCPD Channel 4, Pct 1 7
477.2625NCPD Channel 8, Highway ESU
477.2875NCPD Channel 5, S. AdminData
477.3875NCPD Channel 3, Pct 2 8
477.8375NYC EMS Bronx South (F-1)
477.8625NYC EMS Brooklyn North (F-5)
477.8625NYC EMS Tac, Mobile (F-8)
477.9125NYC EMS Queens (F-4)
478.0125NYC EMS Citywide (F-6)
478.0125NYC EMS Command, Mobile (F-7)
478.0375OTB Security
478.1625NYC EMS Citywide Ambulance
478.1625Starret City Security (PL 162.2)
478.2125NYC EMS Bronx North (F-2)
478.2625NYC EMS Brooklyn Central (F-3)
478.5125MSBA Operations
478.5375MSBA Operations
478.5625MSBA Operations
478.7125NCPD Channel 7, Detective
478.7375NCPD Channel 10, Tac 10
478.9125NCPD Channel 1, Pct 3 6
478.9375NCPD Channel 9, Surveillence
854.9875NYC EMS Brooklyn South, Staten Island Dispatch
855.4875NYC EMS Manhattan North Dispatch (trunked)
856.0000NYC EMS Manhattan
856.2125NYFD Future
856.9875NYC EMS (trunked)
856.6125MTA Mechanics
855.6525MTA Surface Crime Unit
856.3875MTA Unknown
856.4125MTA Unknown
857.3875MTA Unknown
857.4125MTA Unknown
858.3875MTA Unknown
858.4125MTA Unknown
857.2125NYFD Future
857.9875NYC EMS (trunked)
858.2125NYFD Future
858.9875NYC EMS (trunked)
859.2125NYFD Future
859.9875NYC EMS (trunked)
860.2125NYFD Future
860.7375NYC EMS Citywide (trunked)
860.9875NYC EMS (trunked)
861.0000LIRR Trunked System (to 865.1875)
861.0000Nassau County Sheriff Corrections Trunked (to 865.1625)

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