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New York City Helicopter Frequencies

Last Update: Sunday, 28-Jul-1996 07:26:20 EDT

452.9750457.9750Shadow Traffic F-1, Primary Operations103.5
450.8375455.8375Shadow Traffic F-2, Westchester103.5
453.0000458.0000Shadow Traffic F-3, Secondary Operations/New Jersey103.5
455.5625simplexShadow Traffic F-5, Operations/Production (Note 1)103.5
450.1375455.1375Shadow Traffic F-6, Remote Broadcast Operations/Connecticut103.5
450.8125455.8125Metro Traffic, Primary Operations/Production67.0
450.9250455.9250Metro Traffic, Secondary
450.4375simplexMetro Traffic F3
450.3500simplexMetor Traffic F4
450.0875455.7000WCBS-AM, Production (Note 2)94.8
450.5626simplexWALK-FM, Production, simplex
450.6500simplexWFAS-FM, Production, simplex

Note 1: Also WINS-AM
Note 2: This is also known as Shadow Traffic F-8 and is used by AIR-9 (a Shadow Traffic reporter) for Suburban Sky Patrol reports.

NYPD Aviation Unit: 123.300 (also try 122.850, 123.000 122.950 and 126.050).