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Long Island Railroad Police Radio Signals

Last Update: Sunday, 26-May-1996 08:11:56 EDT

Note: The LIRR Police Radio System frequency is 160.455 MHz.

10-1Call Central by Land-line10-19Trespasser(s)
10-2Report to you Command10-20Other Possible Crime
10-3Call [...] location10-21Aided Case
10-5Investigation10-23Request Ambulance
10-6Robbery in Progress10-24Cancel Ambulance or Fire Dept.
10-7Larceny in Progress10-25Report of Fire
10-8Burglary in Progress10-26False Alarm
10-9Assualt in Progress10-27Malfunctioning Crossing Gates
10-10Bomb Scare10-28Auto on Tracks
10-11Hold-up Alarm10-29Car-Train Wreck
10-12Suspicious Person or Auto10-30Additional Units Required
10-13Police Officer Needs Assistance10-31Local Police Required
10-14Report of person(s) throwing
rocks at train
10-32Arrived at Scene
10-15Obstruction on Tracks10-33Out of Service
10-16Fare Dispute10-34Back in Service
10-17Disorderly Person10-35Unfounded
10-18Crowd Control10-37Condition Corrected.

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