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Nassau County Fire Frequencies

Last Update: Monday, 27-May-1996 11:31:29 EDT

Nassau County Fire Operations - Headquarters in Mineola, NY

All frequencies are simplex except for fire marshals/Haz Mat

Frequency (MHz)Usage
46.100Countywide dispatch and alert tones
46.120Battalions 5, 8, and 9
46.200Battalions 2, 3, and 4
46.300Unit-to-unit, fireground
46.320Battalions 5, 6, and 7
45.880Paging for Fire commission and Fire marshal units
45.880Inter-county mutual aid
453.325Fire marshals, Haz Mat
453.425Fire marshals
154.040Dispatch: Garden City
154.115Dispatch: Atlantic Beach Rescue
154.115Dispatch: Mineola, Wantaugh, Levitown ambulance
37.940Dispatch: Bellmore, Merrick ambulance
42.960Nassau County Fire Academy

Radio Signals

3Unit involved accident33Request mutual aid
4Unit disabled34Invalid in building
5Trip traffic signals35Switch to 46.10
6Stand by for orders36Switch to battalion frequency
7Release men in station37Switch to mobile frequency
8Still alarm38Training, drill
9Emergency/rescue39Verify alarm location
10Working fire/clear frequency40Give unit location
11Call by landline41Units at scene sound horns
12Fire under control50Call police - disturbance
13Return to quarters71Company meeting
14Call police - traffic72Company drill
14ACall police - ambulance72BCompany meeting at NCFSA
14RCall police - rescue73Rescue company meeting
15Radio check74Rescue company drill
16Call doctor74B Rescue co. meeting at NCSFA
17Unit out of service75 Officers meeting
18Unit in service76Department meeting
19Leaving district77Department drill
20Returning to district77BDepartment meeting at NCSFA
21Responding to scene78Funeral
22Arrived at scene79Drill team meeting
23Message received80Parade
24Call fire marshal - routine81Assistant fire inspectors meeting
25Call fire marshal - immediate82Fund drive
25DDeath at scene83Chauffeur/operator training
25HMHaz Mat needed84Clean up
26Call Health Dept85Uniform inspection
27Call utility86Blood drive
28Refill air bottles87Physical exam
29Call chaplain88Softball game/practice
30Call for refreshments89Picnic/outing
31Fuel needed90Tour of Fire Communications HQ
32General alarm

Signals 1, 2, 42-49, and 51-60 are reserved for future use

Signals 61-70 and 91 may be used for any purpose

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