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Missouri State Fair Frequencies

Last Update: Wednesday, 14-Aug-1996 06:23:08 EDT

A list of frequencies used in prior years for the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, which is held in mid-August.

156.000Fair administration, parking, admissions
151.925Fair civilian security, wreckers
151.625Fair restrooms
151.835Fair supplies to grounds (hay, ice, etc.)
151.685Fair Speedway association: flagmen, turn officials, scorekeepers
154.280Fair fire departments, ambulance, medical help
154.785Sedalia PD dispatch
154.950Sedalia PD car to car
42.120State Patrol, communications inside fairgrounds
42.380State Patrol, traffic inside fairgrounds
42.060State Patrol
42.020State Patrol, car to car
154.445Sedalia FD
461.500Lifeguard Ambulance
154.905State Patrol "extender" radios
154.665State Patrol portables
154.935State Patrol portables
155.835Pettis County Sheriff
155.475Mutual Aid
155.730Sheriff's Net

Additions and corrections appreciated.

Mike Redman, KA0YXU, <> former MO-002, Missouri/North Central

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