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New York State Frequencies

152MHz - 155MHz

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152.005 Carthage Rescue (Pagers) Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
152.005 Paging Ch#- Pagers/Telephone
152.0075 Medical Paging Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
152.025 Clifton Park Highway Highway/Town/County/City
152.030 Paging Ch#1 Pagers/Telephone
152.060 Paging Ch#3 Pagers/Telephone
152.080 St. Joseph Hosp (Syracuse) Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
152.090 Paging Ch#5 Pagers/Telephone
152.120 Paging Ch#7Pagers/Telephone
152.150 Kingston Taxi Bus/Taxi/School
152.150 Paging Ch#9 Pagers/Telephone
152.180 Paging Ch#11 Pagers/Telephone
152.210 Mobile Telephone Pagers/Telephone
152.210 Nuns Ambulance B/M Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
152.210 Paging Ch#13 Pagers/Telephone
152.210 Nuns Ambulance B/M Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
152.210 Paging Ch#13 Pagers/Telephone
152.240 Paging Ch#P5, P5 Pagers/Telephone
152.240 Watertown Paging Pagers/Telephone
152.270 Eddies Taxi of Lake Placid, Leonard Downey taxi of Cortland Bus/Taxi/School
152.270 South Buffalo Cab Company Inc., William Gannon taxi of Oswego, Empire taxi of Oswego Bus/Taxi/School
152.270 Vardine Paratransit Inc. of Schenectady, Totem Taxi Inc. of Elmira,Terminal Taxi Inc. of Ithaca Bus/Taxi/School
152.270 Yellow Cab - Base (Watertown), Albany Yellow Cab Inc., Binghamton Taxicab Co. Inc. Bus/Taxi/School
152.285 Chariot Taxi Inc. in Poughkeepsie, Tops Taxi of Watertown, Northside Taxi Service of Poughkeepsie Bus/Taxi/School
152.285 Michael Hoyt taxi of Fulton Bus/Taxi/School
152.300 Dominic Scherzi taxi in Rochester, David Losier & John Stevens Jr. taxi of Cortland Bus/Taxi/School
152.300 White Star Cab Inc. of Utica, Leonard Werner taxi of Buffalo, Syracuse Dispatch Service Inc.. Bus/Taxi/School
152.315 Ken Cameron taxi in Albany, Dutchess Express Airport Limo of Poughkeepsie Bus/Taxi/School
152.330 Checker Cab Co. Inc. in Rochester, Yellow Transportation Service in Binghamton Bus/Taxi/School
152.330 Leonard Werner taxi of Buffalo, Tower Taxi of Ithaca, David/Betty Schack ASTA taxi of Carthage Bus/Taxi/School
152.330 Michael W. Mckye taxi of Canton, L C D's Inc. in Niagara Falls, Georges Taxi of Plattsburgh Bus/Taxi/School
152.360 Syracuse; Any Cab; Base TX, Saint John Fisher College, Albany Diamond Cab Inc. Bus/Taxi/School
152.360 A L Lee Memorial Hospital in Fulton Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
152.360 Binghamton Red Top Taxi, Broadway Taxi in Buffalo, Vardine Paratransit Inc. of Schenectady Bus/Taxi/School
152.360 Oswego Growers & Shippers Inc., Dingee Towing Service in Poughkeepsie Business/Misc
152.360 STS Taxi & Livery Service of East Syracuse, Rainbow County Dispatch Service in Niagara Falls Bus/Taxi/School
152.390 Barbara Hackett taxi of Rochester Bus/Taxi/School
152.390 Capital City Taxi Corporation in Albany, Jude T. Carville taxi in Ogdensburg Bus/Taxi/School
152.390 Martketplace Cab of Rochester, Major Blue Taxi Inc. of Ithaca, Liberty Cab Dispatch of Buffalo Bus/Taxi/School
152.390 Syracuse Ace Taxi Service Inc., Leon M. Struble taxi of Oswego, Millbower Cab Co. in Utica Bus/Taxi/School
152.405 Fireside Taxi of Oswego Bus/Taxi/School
152.420 Cold Spring Taxi in Buffalo, Medicab of Rochester, Genes Taxi of Lake Placid Bus/Taxi/School
152.420 Watertown Qaulity Inn Business/Misc
152.435 Adirondack Taxi Bus/Taxi/School
152.450 David Losier & John Stevens Jr. Taxi of Cortland, David Lombardo taxi of Buffalo Bus/Taxi/School
152.450 Michael F. Bevens taxi in Great Bend, Central Dubois Vans Cabs Inc. in Poughkeepsie Bus/Taxi/School
152.450 Michael J. Colombe taxi in Massena, United Taxi Company Inc. of Niagara Falls Bus/Taxi/School
152.450 Peter Johnson taxi of Buffalo, Horan Taxi of Oswego Bus/Taxi/School
152.450 Southside Taxi Co. of Syracuse, Sherman Taxi of Buffalo, Owl Taxi inc. of Binghamton Bus/Taxi/School
152.465 Taxi - All-Star Watertown (Not used any more?), John H. Sobon taxi of Ogdensburg Bus/Taxi/School
152.480 Paging Ch#- & paging locally (tone only) Pagers/Telephone
152.480 Gouverneur Rescue Squad Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
152.480 Massena Central School District Bus/Taxi/School
152.480 Pagers Pagers/Telephone
152.510 Mobile Telephone Pagers/Telephone
152.510 Paging Ch#JL Pagers/Telephone
152.540 Paging Ch#YL Pagers/Telephone
152.570 Paging Ch#JP Pagers/Telephone
152.600 Paging Ch#YP Pagers/Telephone
152.630 Mobile Telephone Pagers/Telephone
152.630 Paging Ch#YJ Pagers/Telephone
152.660 Paging Ch#YK Pagers/Telephone
152.690 Paging Ch#JS Pagers/Telephone
152.720 Paging Ch#YS Pagers/Telephone
152.720 Mobile Telephone (Continuous Carrier) Pagers/Telephone
152.730 Mobile Telephone Pagers/Telephone
152.750 Mobile Telephone Pagers/Telephone
152.750 Paging Ch#YR Pagers/Telephone
152.780 Paging Ch#JK (nationwide paging) Pagers/Telephone
152.810 Paging Ch#JR & Rochester telephone Channel JR Pagers/Telephone
152.840 Paging Ch#T1, P1-3 Pagers/Telephone
152.870 Motion Pictures, Working Channel Wireless Mikes, etc.
152.900 Motion Pictures, Working Channel Wireless Mikes, etc.
152.930 Motion Pictures, Working Channel Wireless Mikes, etc.
152.960 Motion Pictures, Working Channel Wireless Mikes, etc.
153.020 Motion Pictures, Working Channel Wireless Mikes,etc.
153.020 Penn Cann Mall in North Syracuse Malls
153.020 Paul Souter in Buffalo Business/Misc
153.050 Champion International (Mill) Business/Misc
153.065 Police - All Departments Police
153.065 * Air Brake Business/Misc
153.130 Oswego City Police Police
153.155 * ? Business/Misc
153.230 WTRY Radio Remote Broadcast? Business/Misc
153.245 Champion International (Pagers) Business/Misc
153.320 Goodyear Blimp, Aerospace Network Aviation
153.410 City of Rochester, Owego Water Works Utilities
153.425 Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in Syracuse, Liverpool repeater Utilities
153.440 Onondaga County Water Authority Utilities
153.455 Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in Syracuse, Liverpool repeater Utilities
153.470 Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in Syracuse repeater, Long Sault Inc. in Massena Utilities
153.500 New York State Electric & Gas Co. in Cortland, Schenectady, City of Lake Placid Utilities
153.515 Ni-Mo, Clayton Utilities
153.530 RG&E Rochester Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
153.530 Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. in Rochester Utilities
153.545 Ni-Mo - Service - Watertown; Rutland Utilities
153.560 Syracuse Suburban Gas Co. Inc., Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in East Syracuse Utilities
153.575 Line No-Mo, Watertown, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in Albany, Rutland, Old Forge, Cortland, repeater Utilities
153.590 City of Ithaca Utilities
153.605 Ni-Mo, Lowville Line, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in Ogdensburg, Oswego, Rutland, Old Forge, Cortland, Watertown repeater Utilities
153.635 New York State Electric & Gas Co. in Cortland, Oswego, Fulton Utilities
153.665 Ni-Mo Gas & Electric Service, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in Syracuse repeater Utilities
153.680 Ni-Mo, Carthage Utilities
153.695 City of Buffalo Utilities
153.695 Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in Governeur, Malone, Liverpool, Syracuse repeater Utilities
153.710 Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. in Rochester, New York State Electric & Gas Co. in Binghamton Utilities
153.725 Ni-Mo West Carthage Utilities
153.740 - 154.445 Tracking Transmitters used by Law Enforcement Wireless Mikes, etc.
153.7400 - 154.4450 Frequencies used for bumper beepers Wireless Mikes, etc.
153.800 Adirondak Mt. Authority Police
153.830 Monroe County City Portables Fire
153.875 Port Jefferson Constable Police
153.935 Town Of Salina Highway Highway/Town/County/City
153.950 Syracuse City Fire Dept Dispatch Ch#1& Brooklyn Fire Fire
153.980 Buffalo Fire Dept. Mobile Fire
154.010 Manhattan Fire Fire
154.040 Monroe CC Security Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
154.040 Baldinsville D.P.W., Syracuse Parks Highway/Town/County/City
154.040 Corinth Police Police
154.055 Greece Volunteer Ambulance Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
154.070 Bronx & Staten Island Fire Fire
154.085 New York Mills Village Fire Dept Fire
154.085 West Carthage Roads Highway/Town/County/City
154.100 Canton Police Police
154.100 Syracuse Fireground Fire
154.115 Oneida County Jail Police
154.130 Camden/Ilion/Ithaca/New Hartford/Rochester City Fire Dept. Channel 01 Fire
154.130 Stittville/Whitesboro/Boonville/Syracuse VFD Fire
154.145 Syracuse Fire Dispatch Fire
154.175 Monroe County Channel 04 Fire
154.190 Buffalo Fire Dept Dispatch F1, Staten Island NYFD Fire Dispatch Fire
154.190 Bronx City Fire, Staten Island & Syracuse City Fire Fireground Ch#2 Fire
154.220 Cortland City Fire Control, Canton Fire, Guilderland Fire Fire
154.235 Syracuse Fire Fire
154.250 Rochester Airport Fireground Channel 02 Aviation
154.250 Rochester City Fire Dept Channel 02 Fire
154.250 Troy Fire, Rochester Airport Fireground Channel 02, Wolfeboro Fire Dept Fire
154.250 Manhattan & Rochester - Truck, City of Utica Fire Fire
154.250 St. Lawrence County Fire Ch#2 & Guilderland Fire Fire
154.265 St. Lawrence County Ch#3 Fire
154.280 Syracuse VFD Fire
154.295 Monroe County EMS Dispatcher Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
154.310 Monroe County Fire Channel 05 Fire
154.325 Cohoes Fire Fire
154.355 St. Lawrence Cnty Fire Ch#1, Lansing Vil FD, Syracuse Fire Fire
154.370 Brooklyn City Fire Control Fire
154.370 Oneida County Mutual Aid, Rome, Utica Fire
154.385 Rochester Monroe County Channel 03 Fire
154.385 Rochester Monroe County Channel 06 Fire
154.400 Watertown City Fire, Queens Fire F2?, City/Utica Fireground Fire
154.400 Williamsport Fire Dept, Wolfeboro Fire Dept Fire
154.415 Syracuse Fire Fire
154.430 Brockville Ontario Fire Dept & New York City Fire Control (Citywide) Fire
154.515 ? Wireless Mikes, etc.
154.515 Township Telephone Company in Chaumont Utilities
154.515 Cortland State Emergency Squad, A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital in Oneonta Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
154.515 Ithaca College, Monroe Community College in Rochester, North Syracuse Central Schools Bus/Taxi/School
154.515 Oneida City Hospital, Oswego Hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
154.515 Sisters of Charity Hospital in Buffalo, St. Elizabeth Hospital in Utica Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
154.515 Ski Alpine Meadows Inc. in Saratoga Springs, Ski Hickory Hill Inc. in Schenectady Business/Misc
154.515 St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, Tompkins Community Hospital in Ithaca Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
154.515 St. John's Nursing Home Inc. in Rochester Business/Misc
154.515 State University of New York (Oswego & Albany), Chenango Forks Central Schools Bus/Taxi/School
154.515 Watertown City School District, Laidlaw Transit Inc. in Binghamton Bus/Taxi/School
154.515 Watkins Glen International, Zoological Society of Buffalo, JMB Property Management Company in Syracuse Business/Misc
154.515 to 154.600 Mall Freqs Malls
154.535 Business? St. Lawrence County Business/Misc
154.540 Nazareth College Security Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
154.540 Nazareth College Security, Clarkson University, College of St. Rose in Albany Bus/Taxi/School
154.540 Rochester Long Ridge Mall Security Malls
154.540 NY Search & Rescue & Champlain Valley Physicians Hosp in Plattsburg Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
154.540 Bristol Mountain Ski in Canandaguia, Zooligical Society of Buffalo Business/Misc
154.540 City School District of Oswego, East Irondequiot Central Schools in Rochester Bus/Taxi/School
154.540 Cornell University Maintenance, State University of New York (Cortland) Bus/Taxi/School
154.540 East Irondequiot Central Schools in Rochester, Emma Willard School in Troy Bus/Taxi/School
154.540 Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Oneida County Association for the Retarded Business/Misc
154.540 Lake George Central, Public School 53 in Buffalo, Rensselaercille Institute Bus/Taxi/School
154.540 Marriott Corporation in Poughkeepsie, Natis Auto Wrecking & Towing Inc. in Buffalo Business/Misc
154.540 West Irondequoit Central School Bus/Taxi/School
154.570 Arby's (some areas), Bison Baseball Inc. in Buffalo, Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse Business/Misc
154.570 Blue Dot frequency Business/Misc
154.570 Burger King (Watertown Arsenal St., employee only), Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo Business/Misc
154.570 Dairy Queen, Niagara Falls Country Club?, Buffalo Evening News Inc., Days Inn of Watertown Business/Misc
154.570 J.C. Penny's (some areas), WGY WGFM in Schenectady, Holiday Inn Plattsburgh Business/Misc
154.570 K-Mart (Some areas), Ithaca Building Center Inc., Spatholt Management Services Inc. in Niagara Falls Business/Misc
154.570 Kentucky Fried Chicken (some areas), Tioga Gardens Inc. in Owego Business/Misc
154.570 Known freqs used by entertainers and Surveillance Business/Misc
154.570 McDonald's (comm for employees) Business/Misc
154.570 Sears (some areas) Business/Misc
154.570 Chessman Security Systems Inc. in Rochester, CPP Security in Rochester Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
154.570 College of St. Rose in Albany, Medaille College in Buffalo, Rensselaer Polytechnic Insitute in Troy Bus/Taxi/School
154.570 Eastridge High School in Rochester, Kenmore West Senior High School in Buffalo Bus/Taxi/School
154.570 Jim Frederico Wrecking Co. Inc. in Rochester Business/Misc
154.570 L B Security & Investigations in Utica, W B Security Services Inc. in Watertown Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
154.570 Oakwood School Inc in Poughkeepsie Bus/Taxi/School
154.570 Renewal Housing Corp in Buffalo Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
154.570 Sam's (local) Business/Misc
154.570 St. Mary's Hospital in Troy (portables) Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
154.590 Market Place Mall in North Syracuse Malls
154.600 BK employees (Comm among employees in some areas), Bison Baseball Inc. in Buffalo Business/Misc
154.600 Champion International (Guards), Maritime Security Systems Inc. in Rochester Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
154.600 Cummings Nature Center Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
154.600 Green Dot frequency Business/Misc
154.600 J.C. Penny's (Some areas), Al Tabari Labor Temple 121 in Albany Business/Misc
154.600 K-Mart (Some areas), Buffalo Bills Inc in Orchard Park, Albany Institute of History & Art Business/Misc
154.600 Known freqs used by entertainers and Surveillance Wireless Mikes, etc.
154.600 Allentown Village Society Inc. in Buffalo, Renewal Housing Corp. in Buffalo Business/Misc
154.600 Brunswick Central Schools, Faculty Student Association in Troy Bus/Taxi/School
154.600 Buffalo State College, Cornell University Med College, Daemen College in Buffalo Bus/Taxi/School
154.600 Kensington High School in Buffalo, Meil Armstrong School in Rochester Bus/Taxi/School
154.600 Ogden Security Inc. in Rochester Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
154.600 Riverside School in Utica, Rochester City School District Bus/Taxi/School
154.600 Walmart (Watertown), Niagara Falls Country Club, Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo Business/Misc
154.620 Kingston Fire Dept Fire
154.625 Paging Ch#- Pagers/Telephone
154.635 - 155.195 Tracking Transmitters used by Law Enforcement Wireless Mikes, etc.
154.6350 - 155.1950 Frequencies used for bumper beepers Wireless Mikes, etc.
154.650 N.Y.S. Thruway repeater Bus/Taxi/School
154.650 Canton Police Police
154.665 State Police statewide - Car/Car - All Zones - Ch#2, Batavia NYSP car to car, Buffalo/Niagara Falls State P Police
154.680 State Police Car/Base 3, Dover PD, State Police Albany F-1 Mobile Troop G Police
154.685 Durham PD Police
154.695 Known freqs used by entertainers and Surveillance Wireless Mikes, etc.
154.695 State Police Ch#3 Emergency (called State Frequency), Batavia NYSP State freq Police
154.700 McDonald's Business/Misc
154.725 Wayne County Sheriff Police
154.740 Onodaga County Sheriff - Administrative Channel 1 Police
154.755 Jeff Sheriff Ch#2, Cortland City Police, Niagara Falls County Sheriff F1 (Repeater Out) Police
154.770 Grafton Cty Sheriff, Canandaigua NYSP Troop E car to base Police
154.770 State Police, Troop E, Car/Base, Guilderland Police Police
154.785 Allegherny PD's Police
154.800 Niskayuna Police Police
154.800 Schenectady County Sheriff Police
154.815 Ontario County Sheriff, Base TX Police
154.830 Cobleskill Police, Sanbornton PD, Alton Belknap Cty Sheriff Police
154.840 Schenectady County Sheriff Police
154.860 Olean PD, Carroll Cty Sheriff Police
154.875 Waterford Police & Genesee County Sheriff Police
154.875 Corinth Police Police
154.890 Rochester PD Police
154.905 N.Y.S.P. Auburn Troop E/Base TX, Canandaigua NYSP Troop E Disp Police
154.905 State Police Troop B - Base/Car, State Police F-1 Base Plattsburgh Troop B Police
154.920 State Police Troop B Car/Car (also called channel 1) Police
154.920 State Police Troop D Car/Base Ch#1, Utica State Police F-1 Mobile Police
154.935 Watertown Unused Frequency, State Police Newburgh F-1 Mobile Troop E Police
154.950 State Police Troop C - Base/Car, State Police Binghamton F-1 Mobile Troop C Police
154.965 Business? St. Lawrence County - Construction? Business/Misc
154.965 St. Lawrence County Highway Highway/Town/County/City
154.980 City of Rochester Tow Trucks Business/Misc
154.980 Deerfield, Maynard, Westmoreland Fire Fire
154.995 Known freqs used by entertainers and Surveillance Wireless Mikes, etc.
154.995 East Greenbush Police Police
154.995 Hancock Field Fire Dept (Syr) Fire
154.995 St. Lawrence County Highway Highway/Town/County/City