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New York State Frequencies

155MHz - 160MHz

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155.010Green Island Police Police
155.010Watertown PD Ch#1, Rome Police, Hogansburg, Ithaca City Police
155.025City of Utica PolicePolice
155.025 Malone Town GarageHighway/Town/County/City
155.040 Animal Control, Base TX (Syr) & Syr. Parks And Recreation Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
155.040Carthage Police - not much activity [check on 7/3/96 by me] Police
155.070Auburn PrisonPolice
155.070N.Y.S. Schools SafetyBus/Taxi/School
155.070Hutching Center (Syracuse), Marcy State Hospital Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.070Ossining PrisonPolice
155.085Rochester Psychiatric Center Security Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
155.085Auburn City Fire ControlFire
155.085Auburn D.P.W. & West Carthage Highway/Town/County/City
155.100Irondequoit Highway DeptHighway/Town/County/City
155.100Clay Village PDPolice
155.100Floyd Fire DeptFire
155.115Gouverneur Police, Potsdam Police Police
155.115St. Lawrence County Sheriff Base/Car, Canton Police Police
155.130Oswego County Sheriff & Oswego City PD Police
155.145Gouverneur Rescue Squad Pagers & Guilderland EMS Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.145Jefferson County & Onondaga County Highway Highway/Town/County/City
155.160Forest Park AmbulanceRescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.160Lewis County Search & Rescue ? & Gold Cross Ambulance Western NY Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.160Carthage Central School & Sackets Harbor School Bus/Taxi/School
155.160Cornell University, Canton Central School Bus/Taxi/School
155.160Laidlaw Transit Inc Syracuse, Oswego City School Bus/Taxi/School
155.175Monroe Cty Hospitals Alternate Hear Freq, Wolfeboro Huggins Hospital Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.175Port Jefferson Ambulance, County Vol Emerg. Sqd Rescue/Ambulance/Hosp
155.175Ogdensburg Volunteer Rescue Squad Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.175South Jeff Central SchoolBus/Taxi/School
155.190Schenectady County SheriffPolice
155.190Tompkins County Sheriff, Lewis County Sheriff Ch#1 Police
155.205Alex Bay SchoolBus/Taxi/School
155.205Mob Life Services & National Ski Patrol, Rochester Monroe Ambulance Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.220NOCA Ambulance, Pulaski Ambulance, Potsdam Rescue/Hosp Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.220Lowville Acad. Cent. School, GB School, Copenhagen School Bus/Taxi/School
155.220N. Syracuse Central SchoolsBus/Taxi/School
155.220Potsdam Volunteer Rescue Squad & Buffalo Ambulance F2 Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.230NOCA AmbulanceRescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.235Bangs Ambulance (Ithaca) & Community Gen Hosp (Syracuse) Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.235Calcium School, Blue Bird Transportation Inc, Churchville-Chili School Bus/Taxi/School
155.235Greater Baldwinsville Amb Corp, Mohawk Ambulance, Henrietta Vol Ambulance Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.235 Indian River School, Lyme School Bus/Taxi/School
155.250Norwich City PD, Oswego County Sheriff, Lewiston Police, Niagara Falls County Sheriff F2 Police
155.265Carthage Area Rescue, Guilfoyle, Syracuse Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.265Eastern Ambulance Service, Colonie EMS (Main Dispatch) Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.265Syracuse UniversityBus/Taxi/School
155.265Thousand Island District, Beaver River, Sandy Creek Bus/Taxi/School
155.280Boonville Ambulance Service (village) & Mercy Flight Western NY Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.280Hospital Base/Base, Oneida Cnty, S. Onondaga Voltunteer Ambulance Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.280Rochester Monroe Cty Hospitals, Wayne County Ambulance Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.280Wolfboro Huggins Hospital, Rochester General Hosp Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.280Syracuse UniversityBus/Taxi/School
155.295Lee Memorial Hospital (Fulton)Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.295E.J. Noble Hospital & Potsdam Hosp Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.295SMC, Statewide Amb/Hosp Ch#2Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.295Syracuse UniversityBus/Taxi/School
155.310Utica Police Dept.2, Bristol Police, Allegheny Cty Sheriff. Plymouth Police Police
155.325Buffalo Ambulance Mers ControlRescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.340 E.J. Noble Hospital, National Ski Patrol System INC, Wolfeboro Huggins Hospital Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.340Ogdensburg Vol Rescue Squad & Potsdam Vol Rescue Squad Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.340 Potsdam Hosp & Buffalo Ambulance Merse Control Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.340State-Wide Ambulance Service - High-Band, Guilfoyle Amb Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.340Syracuse UniversityBus/Taxi/School
155.355State University (Syracuse) & Onondaga? EMS car to car unofficial Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.370Guilderland Police, Cobleskill Police Police
155.370Herkimer Ch#1, In-Agency - MRD State-Wide Channel #5, St. Lawrence Cnty Police
155.370Inter-agency (channel 5) Canton Pd, Gouverneur Pd, Lewis County Pd, Potsdam Pd Police
155.385Wolfeboro Huggins HospitalRescue/Ambulance/Hosp
155.400Lewis County Search & Rescue, Statewide Amb/Hosp Ch#3 Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.415Onodaga County Sheriff - DMV Channel 2, Rockingham Cty Sheriff Police
155.415 - 156.250Tracking Transmitters used by Law Enforcement Wireless Mikes, etc.
155.4150 - 156.2500Frequencies used for bumper beepers Wireless Mikes, etc.
155.430Brockville Police, Catskill Police Police
155.430Utica Police DeptPolice
155.475Canandaigua NYSP car to car, Niagara Falls Park Police, Wolfeboto NH SP Local 2 Police
155.475Statewide State Police NYSPERN - Intercity F-8, National Emergency Mutual Aid Trp.C State Police Oneonta Police
155.490Town of Gilford Police, Intercounty ? Police
155.490Fulton City Police Dept, Monroe County Jail, Oswego County Sheriff Police
155.505State Police Troop D Utica Base F-1, Batavia NYSP Troop A Disp Police
155.520State Police B.C.I. & SP Special, Hillsboto Cty Sheriff, State Police Poughkeepsie F-1 Mobile Troop K Police
155.535Saratoga Springs Police, State Police Buffalo F-1 Mobile Troop A Police
155.550Ogdensburg City/Seneca Cnty Sheriff, Niagara Falls PD Surveillance Police
155.565State Police Car/Car Ch#4 & Onodaga County Sheriff, State Police Statewide Criminal investigation Police
155.595Livingston Cty AmbulanceRescue/Ambulance/Hosp
155.595State Police - Trp.B&C - Car/Base, State Police Plattsburgh F-1 Mobile Troop B Police
155.610Troy PD, Kingston Ontario Police, Wolfboro PD Police
155.610Cohoes PolicePolice
155.610Herkimer Ch#2Police
155.625NYSP Troop B, Radar Intercept, Canandaigua NYSP Data, Concord Police Police
155.640Onodaga County Sheriff West Dispatch Ch 4 Police
155.645North Conway PDPolice
155.655NYSP Ithaca Troop C/Mobile TXPolice
155.655State Police Binghamton F-1 Base Troop C Police
155.685Canterbury Police, Merrimack Cty Sheriff Police
155.685Onondaga Cnty, East Side Cars Ch 3, Niagara Falls Park Police Repeater Output Police
155.700Salamanca PD & Franklin PDPolice
155.715Manlius D.P.W. Highway/Town/County/City
155.715Colonie EMS Buffalo Ambulance ADI/Dispatch Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.725Strafford Cty SheriffPolice
155.730Cobleskill Police & Buffalo Police F-1 (Old) Police
155.730Waterliet PolicePolice
155.745Canton ATC Security & SUNY Geneseo security Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
155.760Buffalo Ambulance Merse ControlRescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.760Meredith PD, Tilton PD, Conway PD Police
155.775Rochester City School SecurityBus/Taxi/School
155.775Rochester City School SecuritySecurity/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
155.775Business? St. Lawrence CountyBusiness/Misc
155.790Fayetteville/Manlius Vill/Skaneatelles Vill/Solvay Vill, Laconia PD Police
155.790Guilderland Police & Suffolk County Police Data Police
155.805Wanakena Ranger SchoolBus/Taxi/School
155.805New York State UniversityBus/Taxi/School
155.805Potsdam SUNY SecuritySecurity/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
155.820Rochester Monroe County Fire/Police Fire
155.835Parma Aux PolicePolice
155.835Minoa Village D.P.W., Bethlehem Highway, Churchville Highway Dept Highway/Town/County/City
155.850Schenectady County SheriffPolice
155.860Onondaga County SheriffPolice
155.910Jeff Sheriff Ch#1 & Wolfeboro NH SP Local 1 North Police
155.925 Clifton Park Ambulance, Saratoga EMS, Malta Ambulance Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.925Mohawk Fire Dept & Yorkville Fire Dept Fire
155.940Ravena PolicePolice
155.940Town of Clay Highway DeptHighway/Town/County/City
155.959State Police CantonPolice
155.970Cananaigua PDPolice
155.970 Watertown City Police Ch#3 (referred to as their second channel) Police
155.985Massena Police, Ogdensburg Police, Canton Police Police
155.985St. Lawrence Cnty Local & Car/Car, Potsdam Police Police
155.985Community General Hospital security - Onondaga? Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
155.985Community General Hospital security - Onondaga? Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
155.995St. Lawrence County HighwayHighway/Town/County/City
156.015St. Lawrence Cnty Car/BasePolice
156.025Channel #60A (Canada)Marine
156.030Lewis County Sheriff Car-To-Car Ch#2, Suffolk County Police Car-to-Car, Lewiston Sheriff Secret Freq Police
156.045Village Of Carthage RoadsHighway/Town/County/City
156.050Channel 01A, port operation and Commercial. VTS in selected areas Marine
156.075Channel 61A (Canada)Marine
156.090Bethlehem Police, Niagara County Sheriff Repeater Input Police
156.100Channel 02A, port operationMarine
156.105Rochester Dept Public Works Construction Utilities
156.120Onodaga County Highway, BaseHighway/Town/County/City
156.125Channel 62A (Canada)Marine
156.135Philadelphia (local gov't)Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
156.135Town Of PhiladelphiaHighway/Town/County/City
156.150Channel 03A, port operationMarine
156.165Utica D.P.W., Cayuga County Roads Highway/Town/County/City
156.175Channel 63A Port Operations and Commercial Marine
156.180Village of LowvilleHighway/Town/County/City
156.180Watertown Dept. Public WorksUtilities
156.195Town Of Denmark Highway & Town of Champion Highway/Town/County/City
156.195Pompey Village Highway, Town Of Champion Highway Highway/Town/County/City
156.200Channel 04A, port operationMarine
156.210Cornell Univ. Police (Ithaca) & Malone PD Police
156.225Ch#64A, T (Canada)Marine
156.225Clayton Highway DepartmentHighway/Town/County/City
156.250Ch 05A, port operations. VTS in Seattle Marine
156.275Ch#65A Port Operations, S-S/S-C Simplex Marine
156.300Ch 06A Intership Safety, Search & Rescue, S-S Simplex, International Marine
156.325Ch#66A Port Operations, S-S/S-C Marine
156.350Ch 07A Commercial - S-S/S-C Simplex, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Staten Island KBP 350 Marine
156.375Ch#67 Commercial, Intership only. Work Boats S-S Worldwide, Simplex Marine
156.400Ch#08 Commercial (Intership safety), S-S Simplex Marine
156.425CH#68 Non-Commercial S-S/S-C/C-S Yachts Worldwide Simplex, R&L Communications New York City Marine
156.450 Ch#9 Boater cailling. Commercial and Non-Commercial. S-C Clubs/Marinas/Yards Simplex Marine
156.475Ch#69 Non-Commercial, S-C. Clubs, Marinas, Yards, Simplex Marine
156.500Ch#10 Commercial-S-S/S-C-Seaway Com. Boats-Simplex, Stevens Marine Radio Rochester Marine
156.525Ch#70 Digital Selective Calling (voice comm not allowed) Marine
156.550CH#11 Commercial-S-S/S-C-Seaway Pilot Boat-Simplex, St. Lawrence Seaway Local, VTS in selected areas Marine
156.575Ch#71 Non-Commercial S-C, Clubs, Marinas, Yards, Simplex Marine
156.600Ch#12 Port Ops, S-S/S-C, Coast Guard, Worldwide, Simplex, VTS in selected areas. Marine
156.625Ch#72 Non-Commercial (Intership only) Marine
156.650 St. Lawrence Seaway for Alex Bay/LaFargeville, Bridge/Bridge, Seaway Pilot Boat Simplex Marine
156.650Ch#13 Intership Navigation Safety (bridge-to-bridge). Ships >20m length maintain listening watch. S-S/S-C Locks, Canals, Bridges, Simplex Marine
156.660St. Lawrence SeawayMarine
156.675Ch#73 Port Operations, S-S/S-C, Simplex Marine
156.700Ch#14 Port Ops, S-S/S-C Coast Guard (Port Author), Simplex, VTS in selected areas. Marine
156.725Ch#74 Port Operations, S-S/S-C, Simplex Marine
156.750Ch#15 Environmental, receiever only, Hydro., C-S, Worldwide, Coast. Used by Class C EPIRBs Marine
156.775 RX Only, USA/International Channel 75 Marine
156.800Ch#16 International Distress, Safety/Calling, S-S/S-C, Simplex, Worldwide Marine
156.825RX Only, USA/International Channel 76 Marine
156.850Ch#17 State Control, S-S/S-C, Worldwide, Simplex, Restricted Marine
156.875Ch#77 Commercial (Intership only) Marine
156.880U.S. Coastal & Geodetic Survey Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
156.900 Ch#18A Commercial-S-S/S-C Simplex, Marine Towing & Transport Oswego Marine
156.925Ch#78A Non-Comm., S-C Simplex, Clubs/Marinas/Yards/Worldwide Marine
156.950Ch#19A Commercial, S-S/S-C Simplex Marine
156.975Ch#79A Commercial, S-S/S-C Simplex Marine
157.000Ch#20 Port Operations (duplex) paired to 161.600, S-S/S-C Marine
157.025Ch#80A Commercial, S-S/S-C Simplex Marine
157.050Ch#21A CG Working/Seaway Ships/Cutters/Helis/Simplex/Restricted Marine
Coast Guard Cutters & Helicopters Ch#21 Aviation
157.075Ch#81A Marine Environmental Operations Marine
157.100U.S. Coastal & Geodetic Survey Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
157.100Ch#22A CG Liason/Working/Marine Weather, broadcasts announced on ch 16, Simplex, Restricted Marine
157.125Ch#82A USCGMarine
157.150Ch#23A Coast Guard Working, Simplex, USCG Restricted Marine
157.175Ch#83A Coast Guard Aux., Simplex, USCG Only Marine
157.200Ch#24 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator) (see 161.800 for coast ch) Marine
157.225Ch#84 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator) (see 161.825 for coast ch) Marine
157.250Ch#25 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator) (see 161.850 for coast ch) Marine
157.275Ch#85 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator) (see 161.875 for coast ch) Marine
157.300Ch#26 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator) (see 161.900 for coast ch) (CG) Marine
157.325Ch#86 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator) (see 161.925 for coast ch) Marine
157.350Ch#27 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator) (see 161.950 for coast ch) Marine
157.375161.975 for coast ch)Marine
157.400Ch#28 Public Correspondence (Marine Operator) (see 162.000 for coast ch) Marine
157.425Ch#88 Public Correspondence in selected areas only Marine
157.450Paging Ch#-Pagers/Telephone
157.450Medical Paging Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
157.470 Privately Owned Tow Trucks, Charles Papelino towing in Utica, Northside Auto Repair in Poughkeepsie Business/Misc
157.485 Privately Owned Tow Trucks, Ray Kerhaert's Garage Inc. in Rochester Business/Misc
157.485Kennedy's Garage in TroyBusiness/Misc
157.500Privately Owned Tow Trucks, Henson towing in Syracuse, Custom Body Shop in Utica Business/Misc
157.515Privately Owned Tow Trucks, Mount Hope Servicent in Rochester, Dormeyer towing in Poughkeepsie Business/Misc
157.530South Buffalo Cab Company Inc., William Gannon taxi of Oswego, Empire Taxi of Oswego Bus/Taxi/School
157.530Vardine Paratransit Inc. of Schenectady, Totem Taxi Inc. of Elmira, Terminal Taxi Inc. of Ithaca Bus/Taxi/School
157.530Yellow Cab - Mobile (Watertown), Albany Yellow Cab Inc., Binghamton Taxicab Co. Inc. Bus/Taxi/School
157.545Chariot Taxi Inc. in Poughkeepsie, Northside Taxi Service of Poughkeepsie Bus/Taxi/School
157.545Michael Hoyt taxi of FultonBus/Taxi/School
157.560Dominic Scherzi taxi of Rochester, David Losier & John Steven Jr. taxi of Cortland Bus/Taxi/School
157.560Lynn's Service Center in Watertown Business/Misc
157.560Four Winds Hospital SaratogaRescue/Ambulance/Hospital
157.560White Star Taxi Inc. of Utica, Leonard Werner taxi of Buffalo, Syracuse Dispatch Service Inc. Bus/Taxi/School
157.575Ken Cameron taxi in Albany, Dutchess Express Airport Limo in Poughkeepsie Bus/Taxi/School
157.590Checker Cab Co. Inc. in Rochester, Yellow Transportation Service in Binghamton Bus/Taxi/School
157.590L C D's Inc of Niagara FallsBus/Taxi/School
157.590Leonard Werner taxi of Buffalo, Tower Taxi Inc. of Ithaca, David/Betty Schack ASTA taxi of Carthage Bus/Taxi/School
157.620Albany Diamond Cab Inc., Binghamton Red Top Taxi, Broadway Taxi in Buffalo Bus/Taxi/School
157.620STS Taxi & Livery Service in East Syracuse, Rainbow County Dispatch Service in Niagara Falls Bus/Taxi/School
157.620Vardine Para Transit Inc. in Schenectady Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
157.650Capital City Taxi Corporation in Albany, Syracuse Ace Taxi Service Inc., Major Blue Taxi Inc of Ithaca Bus/Taxi/School
157.650Leon M. Struble taxi of Oswego, MillBower Cab Co. in Utica, Martketplace Cab of Rochester Bus/Taxi/School
157.650Liberty Cab Dispatch of Buffalo, Barbara Hackett taxi of Rochester Bus/Taxi/School
157.665Fireside Taxi of OswegoBus/Taxi/School
157.670 Syracuse, Any Cab, Mobile TX Bus/Taxi/School
157.680Glens Falls City School District, Cold Spring Taxi in Buffalo, Medicab of Rochester Bus/Taxi/School
157.680New York State Association for the Retarded in Watertown, Finger Lakes Racing Assiciation Inc. in Farmington Business/Misc
157.710David Lombardo taxi of Buffalo, Peter Johnson taxi of Buffalo, Horan taxi of Oswego Bus/Taxi/School
157.710Michael F. Bevens taxi in Great Bend, Central Dubois Vans Cabs Inc. in Poughkeepsie Bus/Taxi/School
157.710Michael J. Colombe taxi in Massena, United Taxi Company Inc. of Niagara Falls Bus/Taxi/School
157.710Southside Taxi Co. of Syracuse, Sherman Taxi of Buffalo, Owl Taxi Inc. in Binghamton Bus/Taxi/School
157.725All Star Cab in WatertownBus/Taxi/School
157.740Paging Ch#-Pagers/Telephone
158.100Paging Ch#T2, P1-3Pagers/Telephone
158.130Ni-Mo Power, Gas B/M, Base TX, Niagara Mohawk Power Corp. in Troy, Schenectady, Albany, Buffalo Utilities
158.190Rochester RG&E GasUtilities
158.205 Repeat of 153.545Utilities
158.220Rochester RG&E GasUtilities
158.235Ni-Mo Power, Gas, M/B, Mob TX, Niagara Mohawk Power Crop. in Troy, Schenectady, Albany Utilities
158.280Alcoa Plant Security, MassenaSecurity/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
158.340N.Y. Telephone MobileUtilities
158.460Eastman School security in Rochester Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
158.460Paging Ch#-Pagers/Telephone
158.670Nuns Ambulance Mobile/BaseRescue/Ambulance/Hospital
158.700Paging Ch#P6Pagers/Telephone
158.700Jefferson County PagingPagers/Telephone
158.715 - 159.465Tracking Transmitters used by Law Enforcement Wireless Mikes, etc.
158.7150 - 159.4650Frequencies used for bumper beepers Wireless Mikes, etc.
158.730Saratoga Sheriff & Rochester Monroe County Towns West Police Police
158.745Tomplins Cnty Ambulance (Ithaca) Rescue/Ambulance/Hospital
158.745Herkimer D.P.W. Highway/Town/County/City
158.755Mansfield State Coll.Police
158.760Dewitt Highway DeptHighway/Town/County/City
158.760Washington County Sheriff Police
158.790Rome Cycles, Rome Police 2, Schuyler County Sheriff Police
158.805East Syracuse Highway DeptHighway/Town/County/City
158.850Rochester ? County Court Security Police
158.850Rochester ? County Court Security Security/Private Investigators/Private Detectives/Guards
158.850Thousand Island Bridge Authority Highway/Town/County/City
158.860Washington County FireFire
158.865St. Lawrence County Highway Highway/Town/County/City
158.880 Gates Volunteer AmbulanceRescue/Ambulance/Hosp
158.880Animal Control, Mob TX (Syr), Syracuse Traffic Dept Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
158.880 Syracuse Parks Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
158.895St. Lawrence County Highway Highway/Town/County/City
158.910Ontario County Sheriff, Mob TX Police
158.940Brockport PD Police
158.940Brockport Vol Ambulance Rescue/Ambulance/Hosp
158.955Rochester Monroe County Sheriff West Police
158.955Onodaga County SanitationUtilities
158.970Camillus Highway Dept Highway/Town/County/City
159.000Wayne County Highway Highway/Town/County/City
159.030Rochester Monroe County Sheriff East Police
159.060Onodaga County Highway, Mobile Highway/Town/County/City
159.090 East Syracuse PD & Rochester Monroe County Towns East Police
159.120Renssalaer County HighwayHighway/Town/County/City
159.150Watertown Unused Frequency ? & Suffolk County police 6 PCT Car-Base Police
159.210Rochester Monroe County Interservice Police
159.225NYS Conservation Dept Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
159.255U.S. Customs Police
159.345Hemmingway Bureau of Forestry Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
159.405Chattaraugus Sheriff Police
159.420Kellogg Bureau of Forestry Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
159.430Conservation Dept. Mobile TX Local Gov't/Fed Gov't
159.435N.Y.S. Forest Rangers & Conservation Police
159.435New York State Fire Control Fire
159.465N.Y.S. Forest Rangers & Conservation & Ossipee PD Police
159.525 Auburn Freight (Auburn) Business/Misc
159.540Dependable Taxi Company Inc. of Buffalo Bus/Taxi/School
159.600 Hudson PolicePolice
159.600Rogers Transportation Inc in Buffalo Bus/Taxi/School
159.660Canadian Paging Pagers/Telephone