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railroad radio

Hearing And Understanding Railroad Radio Communications & Systems

by Vincent Reh

At 240,000 route miles, the railroad network in the United States and Canada is immense. Hundreds of commerical and industrial railroads haul and deliver a remarkable variety of commodities, everything from fruits and vegetables in Souther California to iron ore in Labrador. In 1992 alone, railroads moved 1.13 trillion tons-miles of freight.

To effectively manage and coordinate this system, railroads depend on two-way radio. railroad radio is packed with information on railroad communications and systems. It's all here -- railroad radio history, modern communication systems, and system use. Plus, you get all the information you need to monitor railroad radio, including in-depth coverage of radio scanners and accessories.

railroad radio is written in an easy-to-understand style that will appeal to all railroad enthusiasts, radio hobbyists, and industry professionals. Numerous photographs, illustrations, and appendices cover equipment, lingo, rules, operating frequencies, and railroad operations.

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