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PSWest August 1996

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Welcome to the WEST!

The Olympic Torch Relay passed through our part of the country in May, en route to Atlanta to start off the Summer Olympic Games. By the time you read this, the Games should be history. I took the opportunity to watch the procession as the Olympic Torch was carried through Salt Lake City. I was the only one in the crowd with a scanner listening to "Caravan Control" direct the participants. How did I know where to listen? I was tipped off!

When the Torch Relay passed through Corvallis, Oregon, Minor Cross (OR-140) was able to search out the frequency for "Caravan Control" and a second frequency used by others in the group. Minor said he looked at the antenna on the vehicles in the procession and figured they should be on the UHF band. He put his scanner in search mode and found what he was after! Minor posted his find on the Internet to the SCAN-L list, operated by RCMA's E-Mail Manager, Peter Laws. Within an hour or two of Minor's message on SCAN-L, all the subscribers, including myself, had the information. It's a little late now, but the freqs were 469.3625 and 469.500.

One thing any printed publication lacks is the ability to relay timely information to the readers. Even a newspaper is always a day behind television and radio. Monthly magazines are published two to three months after the articles are written. (Actually, the Scanner Journal runs about six weeks from our deadline to your mailbox. That's a very quick turnaround for a monthly magazine.) Hopefully, nothing will ever replace a well-written magazine, but in this electronic age, the scanner hobbyist needs a source for timely information. The Internet offers just such a resource with Usenet newsgroups such as alt.radio.scanner and rec.radio.scanner, and lists such as SCAN-L.

For those of you unfamiliar with the workings of the Internet, "newsgroups" are forums where people from all over the world can discuss topics and hobbies of common interest. Normally, those who are interested in a newsgroup access it via a newsreader. A "list" is similar to a newsgroup, but usually there are fewer people involved and the messages are relayed via e-mail rather than a newsreader.

SCAN-L is a list specifically set up to discuss our scanning hobby. Many subscribers are RCMA members. It is a great place to ask questions and get answers. I had a neighbor ask me if I could find him some freqs for St. Louis, MO, where he was planning a vacation. I posted the question on SCAN-L and had about 10 responses with all kinds of freqs with 24 hours. I passed them along to my friend. He was so delighted he may have put me in his will! If you have Internet access, be sure to take advantage of this free resources. Look for the SCAN-L subscription information elsewhere in this issue.

There are still openings for Associate Editors for Alaska and New Mexico. You don't need to live in the state to be an Associate Editor. How about it? Now let's scout around the West and see what interesting information the Editors have this month.


We continue from last month with more freqs for Fairbanks:

152.420Interior Energy Corporation
152.420Regency Fairbanks
152.420Scarborough, Thomas
152.480Northern Electronic Design
152.480Personal Page Inc
154.515Alaska Stage Line Inc
154.515North American Asset Management
154.515Simmons, WC
154.515Yutan Construction Co
154.540Behr, Milt
154.540Cameron, Donald
154.540Shannon & Wilson Inc
157.560AI Leonard Const Inc
157.620Alaska Development Services Inc
157.620Maxi Maint
157.620McGlinchy, James P
157.620Northern Television Inc
157.620Ways Service & Repair Inc
157.665Worsham, Lloyd L
157.680AAA Communications Inc
157.680EVE Co Inc
157.680Larsons Inc
157.680Northern Construction & Equipment
157.740Collins Jr, Ted E
35.080Ghemm Company Inc
35.920Wedgewood Manor
42.960Frontier Transportation Co
43.000Pippin, L C
460.650Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
460.700Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
460.725Mark Air Inc
460.775Mac Martin, Duncan W
460.825Alaska Airlines Inc
460.875Lufthansa German Airlines
460.900Communications Equipment & Service Inc
461.025Krzykowski, Benkrzykowski, Tamra
461.050Communications Equipment & Service Inc
461.075Aspen Inc
461.100Riddle, Robert C
461.100Rons Towing
461.125DHL Airways Inc
461.125Florcraft Inc
461.125Northland Wood
461.125Northwest Enviro Services Inc
461.125Superior Mechanical Inc
461.125Voorhees Concrete Cutting
461.150AAA Communications Inc
461.225Thomas, Mike
461.250Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
461.275Airborne Freight Corporation
461.275Besser, Chuck
461.275Burks, Walt
461.275Foster, Jim
461.275Tilly & Company Ltd


Jim Sokol, the RCMA Michigan Editor, sent an interesting article from p.36 of Wireless for the Corporate User, February 1996. It talks about the use of CDPD (Cellular Digital Packet Data) mobile computers being used by law enforcement agencies in various municipalities, specifically Mesa, AZ. Through this technology, officers can obtain real-time information to assist them in carrying out their duties. Typical applications of the data being downloaded apply to hostage negotiation, gang intervention, traffic and auto theft, etc. Very detailed criminal profiles and other law enforcement data are available almost instantly. As is relatively well-known, however, there is no real practical way to intercept this data, since it utilizes fairly sophisticate encryption.

Ed Ryan (CAAL-001) writes that the Phoenix Fire Dispatch has moved to their new building at 150 S. 12th St., 3rd floor, as of 4/15/96. This is the first building of the PFD Administrative Complex. The 2nd floor of this building is the new City Emergency Operating Center. In a second note, Ed writes that the Sun Lakes Fire Department, Stations 231 and 232, became part of Phoenix Regional Fire Dispatch System as of 5/1/96. Thanks to Ed for the info which will be of interest to all you fire buffs!

A member who prefers to remain anonymous wrote and said that he was in Tucson recently - but before he had my 800 MHz list. He was listening to fire, Forest Service and Border Patrol. All the fire stuff, of course, is still on 453. He usually doesn't listen to law enforcement stuff because so much of it seems so depressing. He did bump into our Arizona DPS channels in the 460 range. He also asked about the licensed, but inactive trunked system at the airport. It's not up yet. He monitored TIA using 453.45 and 453.925 with a tone of 156.7 Hz. Finally, he asked for the high band channel for Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, which is 151.955.


Hello and welcome folks to Public Safety Colorado! This month we'll concentrate on forest firefighting.

At the time of this writing, The Buffalo Creek fire was just declared contained. This fire offered some of the most exciting monitoring in memory. There was action on at least 20 channels! Some of the best listening was on Jeffco S.O. channels as the officers frantically evacuated residents and closed roads leading into the fire. For those of you not familiar with this location, it is just west of Denver (Pine) in an area that contains many residences and summer homes. At one point the town of Pine was totally evacuated. At the height of the fire, the plume of smoke was visible for 60 miles and went thousands of feet in the air. Very impressive! Most of the local news channels showed the plume of smoke on their respective Doppler radar displays. It obliterated most of the South Metro area!

Amazingly, no one died in this fire. No doubt, this was due to the superb efforts of the Jefferson County Sheriff, Fire Departments and the U.S. Forest Service. Comparatively little property was destroyed. Considering the fire left a 10-mile path of destruction and took less than six hours to burn this much territory, this is no mean feat. A total of over 12,000 acres was consumed by this inferno.

Let's quickly review the Jefferson County Channels used in this operation.

155.250r(CS) Jefferson County S.O. Dispatch Channel 1
155.370r(CS) Jefferson County S.O. Operations Channel 2
45.80Jefferson County Volunteer Fire depts. [North Fork F.D., Idledale FD, Intercanyon FD, Gennesse FD, Lookout FD, Elk Creek FD, Highland Rescue, Golden Gate FD, Pleasant View FD.]
153.935VHF crosspatch for above, repeats all traffic on 45.080.
154.280FERN-1 mutual aid between agencies

The fire was mostly contained in the Pike National forest who uses 168.725r/s CH 1&2

LOTS of Air operations on these aviation channels.

122.925Airtac tankers
122.425Airtac tankers
126.475Airtac tankers
133.375Airtac Tankers

Air operations on the following VHF FM channels as well:

168.650Firetac fire operations.
168.625Air Guard (to air bases / dispatch)
167.950Air Net (to air bases/ dispatch)
172.325Air-Ground coordination.

I mention all these channels not to wax poetic about monitoring history, but as the fire season progresses, it's almost certain that many of these frequencies will be used again on other incidents. Finding all the channels used in an incident this size can be frustrating at best. It always seems that when frequencies are given over the air (particularly aircraft channels), I'm in the other room or I miss the last few numbers! There are a few other aircraft frequencies used in firefighting. I'll list those that have common usage.

122.425, 122.900, 127.450 "Victor" air operations.

123.025, 123.050 Helicopters.

In other news, Eagle County has applied for over 20, 800 MHz trunked licenses. Preliminary reports indicate that the planned system users will be Eagle County S.O., Vail P.D., Avon P.D., and Minturn P.D. Eagle County fire depts and ambulance MAY also be users.

At this point, there is no indication of what system Eagle County is intrested in, Smartnet II, EDACS, or E.F. Johnson. As more info comes in, I'll pass it on.

73's for now, enjoy Colorado! Brian


Aloha and welcome to the September Hawaii column. With the permission of Aircraft Editor Bruce Ames, this month we'll look at all the airports in the Islands. All this info came from the Pacific DOD Flight information publication. The funny letters in parentheses are the official location identifiers, four letters are IACO and three letters are FCC. For the aircraft enthusiasts out there, any unclassified DOD Flight Information Publication can be obtained from NOOA, in Riverdale, MD. The phone number is 301-436-6990. They will even send you a catalog. Good listening!

Barbers Point NAS (PHNA/NAX)

Honolulu Approach381.6,
Honolulu ApproachIFR 118.3, 269.0,
Honolulu ApproachVFR 119.1, 265.0
Tower132.65, 340.2, 380.5
Ground Control123.8, 336.4
Ground Control123.8, 336.4
Honolulu Departure124.8, 317.6 (East Sector)
Honolulu Departure119.1, 265.0 (North Sector)
Honolulu Departure118.3, 269.0 (West Sector)
VFR Advisory Service118.3, 120.9
VFR Advisory Service269.0 (East Sector)
VFR Advisory Service285.4 (West Sector)
VFR Advisory Service338.2 (North Sector)
Pilot to Metro Service344.6
Clearance Delivery380.5
Base Operations270.8, 6.723 SSB

Barking Sands Pacific Missile Range Facility (PHBK/BKH)

Crash/Fire Unicom122.8
Honolulu Center126.5, 269.4 (Approach/Departure Control)
Tower126.2, 340.2, 360.2
Range126.2, 322.0, 4.491 USB (Outrider Control)

Bradshaw Army Air Force (Camp Pohakuloa) (PHSF/BSF)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency125.2
ATIS124.7, 340.1
Honolulu Radio255.4, 272.7
Kamuela Radio13.3 (TX) 122.1 (RX) (Honolulu FSS)
Honolulu Center126.0, 278.3
Tower41.5 (FM), 126.3, 236.6
Range Control38.3 (FM), 125.2
Pilot to Metro Service121.65

Dillingham (PHDH/HDH)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency123.0
Honolulu Radio122.2, 122.3, 123.6, 255.4, 272.7

Ford Island Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (NPS)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency122.8
Honolulu Radio122.2, 122.6, 255.4
Barbers Point Tower126.2, 340.2


Common Traffic Advisory Frequency122.9
Hana Radio122.3 (Honolulu FSS)

Hilo International (PHTO/ITO)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency118.1
Approach/Departure Control118.9, 119.7, 269.2, 323.0
Tower118.1, 263.1
Ground Control121.9

Honolulu International/Hickam AFB (PHNL/PHIK)

Unicom 123.3
Pilot to Dispatcher 372.2
ATIS 127.9, 279.4
Approach Control (IFR) 118.3, 269.0
Approach Control (VFR) 119.1, 265.0
Tower 118.1, 123.9, 257.8, 267.9
Ground Control 121.9, 348.6
Ramp Control 121.8
Hickam Ground Control 133.6, 236.6
Departure Control 124.8, 317.6 (East Sector)
Departure Control 119.1, 265.0 (North Sector)
Departure Control 118.3, 269.0 (West Sector)
Hickam/Honolulu Clearance Delivery 121.4, 281.4
Bedtime Control 311.0
Hickam Command Post 141.8 (349.4 AMC aircraft)
Hickam Maintenance Control 261.7
Pilot to Metro Service 344.6

Kahului (PHOG/OGG)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 118.7
Unicom 122.95
ATIS 128.6
Maui Tower 118.7, 279.6
Ground Control 121.9, 348.6
Maui Departure Control 119.5, 343.8
Maui Clearance Delivery 120.6, 290.5

Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Air Field (PHNG/NGF)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 120.7
Pilot to dispatcher 308.2
ATIS 284.5
Approach/Departure Control 125.0, 263.6
Tower 32.45 (FM), 120.7, 349.9, 360.2
Ground Control 382.8
Clearance Delivery 310.8
Pilot to Metro Service 344.6

Kapalua (PHJH/JHM)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency/Unicom 122.7
Maui Radio 123.6, 255.4
Kehole-Kona International (PHKO/KOA)
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 120.3
ATIS 127.4
Kona Radio 115.7 (RX), 122.1 (TX)
Honolulu Center 126.0, 278.3
Kona Tower 120.3, 254.3
Clearance delivery 121.9
Lanai (PHNY/LNY)
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 122.9
Honolulu Center 119.3, 307.1

Lihue (PHIL/LIH)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 118.9
ATIS 127.2
Honolulu Center 126.5, 269.4
Tower 126.5
Helicopter Ops 128.4
Ground Control 121.9
Molokai (PHMK/MKK)
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 125.7
ATIS 128.2
Honolulu Center 124.1, 317.5
Tower 125.7, 306.2
Ground Control 121.9
Port Allen (PAK)
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 122.9
Lihue Radio 126.5
Princeville (H101)
Unicom 122.8
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 122.9
Honolulu Radio 122.3

Upolu (PHUP/UPP)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 122.9
Upolo Point Radio 112.3 (RX), 122.1 (TX)
Waimea-Kohala (PHMU/MUE)
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 122.9
Kamuela Radio 113.3(RX), 122.1(TX)

Wheeler Army Air Force (PHHI)

Common Traffic Advisory Frequency 126.2
Honolulu Approach Control(IFR)118.3, 269.0
Honolulu Approach Control(VFR)119.1, 265.0
Tower 126.3, 241.0
Ground Control 41.5(FM), 121.7, 237.5
Honolulu Departure Control 124.8, 317.6 (East Sector)
Honolulu Departure Control 119.1, 265.0 (North Sector)
Honolulu Departure Control 118.3, 269.0 (West Sector)
Pineapple Control 125.1
Lightning Radio 39.35 (FM), 139.2, 299.9
Pilot to Metro Service 344.6


FREQS FREQS FREQS! This month we'll begin a two-part column with Public Safety frequencies for Bannock County. The Radio Service codes used are: PF=Fire, PH=Highway Maintenance, PL=Local Government, PM=Emergency Medical, PO=Forestry, PP=Police, PS=Special Emergency.


39.5000KNAK732PLDowney, City of
47.4600KUY619PSBannock Co Search & Rescue
151.100WNYY66PHDowney Swan Lake Hwy Dist
151.355WNLY569POIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
151.355WAC452POIdaho, State of Pocatello
151.355WIR54POIdaho, State of Pocatello
151.385WNLY569POIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
151.385WAC452POIdaho, State of Pocatello
151.385WIR54POIdaho, State of Pocatello
153.770WYK681PFPocatello, City of
153.800KNDU273PLBannock, County of
153.860WNKK844PLIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
153.860KNGV234PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
154.100KUX464PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
154.115WNJC272PLBannock, County of Pocatello
154.445WYK681PFPocatello, City of
154.725KNDW206PPBannock, County of
154.755KNHT554PPBannock, County of
154.965KNHE464PLPocatello, City of Pocatello
155.085WNIK978PLPocatello, City of Lava Hot Springs
155.205KRS398PSSchool District 25
155.280KZV349PSIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
155.280KRC644PMPocatello, City of Pocatello
155.280KXH273PSBannock Regional Med Center
155.280WQY589PSIdaho, State of Pocatello
155.280KNGY911PSPocatello Regional Med Center
155.340KXH273PSBannock Regional Med Center
155.340KZV349PSIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
155.340KRC644PMPocatello, City of Pocatello
155.340KXH273PSBannock Regional Med Center
155.340WQY589PSIdaho, State of Pocatello
155.340KNGY911PSPocatello Regional Med Center
155.355WNJV861PSBannock, County of Pocatello
155.385KXH273PSBannock Regional Med Center
155.670WPEG517PLIdaho, State of
155.805KRL216PLBannock, County of
155.865WNJC272PLBannock, County of Pocatello
155.895WNIL236PLChubbuck, City of Chubbuck
155.940WNWD413PLPocatello, City of Pocatello
156.210WPEG517PLIdaho, State of
158.730KNHT554PPBannock, County of
158.760KNAS939PLPocatello, City of Pocatello
158.775WNIL236PLChubbuck, City of Pocatello
158.805KNAK734PLPocatello, City of Pocatello
158.865WPAM881PLInkom, City of Inkom
158.895KNAK734PLPocatello, City of Pocatello
158.940KNDU273PLBannock, County of
159.210WPEG517PLIdaho, State of
159.270KTN405POIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
159.285KTN405POIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
159.315WIR54POIdaho, State of Pocatello
159.330KTI681POIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
159.330KOI385POIdaho, State of Pocatello
159.390KTI681POIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
159.390WIR54POIdaho, State of Pocatello
159.390KOI385POIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.150KUG805PHIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
453.150KXM916PHIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.200KXM916PHIdaho, State of
453.225KTK696PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.375WNBC288PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.375WNBC287PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.450WQV869PPBannock, County of Pocatello
453.475WNZY483PLIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
453.500WNLQ243PPPocatello, City of Pocatello
453.525WNAG902PLChubbuck, City of Pocatello
453.600WPEF640PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.650KTK696PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.700WNBC288PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.700WNBC287PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.800KUG805PHIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
453.800KXM916PHIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.875WNBC288PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
453.875WNBC287PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
458.150KNGB858PHIdaho, State of Inkom
458.150WSR63PHIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
458.150WSR62PHIdaho, State of Pocatello
458.150WAS592PHIdaho, State of Pocatello
458.375WNBC288PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
458.450KNGB858PHIdaho, State of Inkom
458.450WSR63PHIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
458.450WSR62PHIdaho, State of Pocatello
458.450WAS592PHIdaho, State of Pocatello
458.475WNZY483PLIdaho, State of Lava Hot Springs
458.500WNLQ243PPPocatello, City of Pocatello
458.600WPEF640PLIdaho, State of
458.600KD52322PPChubbuck, City of
458.700WNBC288PLIdaho, State of Pocatello
458.875WNBC288PLIdaho, State of Pocatello


Once again, our anonymous, informed friend has supplied us with some good information. Thanks! We appreciate the input.


10- 1signal weak
10- 2signal good
10- 3stop transmitting
10- 4affirmative/msg rcvd
10- 5relay to _______
10- 6busy
10- 7out of service
10- 8in service
10- 9repeat
10-10coffee break - subject to call
10-11_________ on duty
10-12visitors present
10-13existing condition
10-14message information
10-15prisoner in custody
10-16reply to message
10-17en route
10-19return to station
10-21call by phone "landline"
10-24officer needs assistance
10-25report to (meet) ___________
10-28ownership info
10-29warrant checks
10-31drivers license check
10-32______ units needed
10-33help me quick
10-35confidential info
10-38station reports satisfactory
10-42officer at home/lunch break
10-55bomb threat
10-97arrived at scene


YCDF Jail (Yellowstone County Detention Facility)

FIR Field Interview Report

landline use phone


I have obtained the following information which is from the State of Nevada Fire Marshal's Office.

001153.800153.800Alpine County CA SO
002153.800154.100Alpine County CA SO107.2
003168.550168.550BLM Air Net
004171.725171.725BLM Battle Mtn.
005171.725168.275BLM Battle Mtn 114.8 Bald Mountain Site
006171.725168.275BLM Battle Mtn 151.4 Calahan Peak
007171.725168.275BLM Battle Mtn 173.8 Kawich Peak
008171.725168.275BLM Battle Mtn. 186.2 Mohawk Peak
009169.775169.775BLM Carson Ely
010169.775 169.025 BLM Carson Ely 114.8 Fairview/Spruce Peaks
011169.775 169.025 BLM Carson Ely 151.4 Corey Peak/Mt. Wilson
012169.775 169.025 BLM Carson Ely 173.8 Mt Sage/Mt Irish
013169.775 169.025 BLM Carson Ely 186.2 Prospect Peak
014169.400 169.400 BLM Elko Las Vegas
015169.400 168.525 BLM Elko Las Vegas 114.8 Knoll Mtn/Highland Peak
016169.400168.525 BLM Elko Las Vegas151.4 Spruce Peak/Mohawk Peak
017169.400 168.525 BLM Elko Las Vegas173.8 Pennsylvania Pk./Mt Irish
018169.400168.525 BLM Elko Las Vegas186.2 Mt Tenabo/Wheeler Peak
019170.025 170.025 BLM Winnemucca
020170.025 168.375 BLM Winnemucca 114.8 Jacks Peak
021170.025 168.375 BLM Winnemucca 151.4 Blue Lake
022170.025 168.375 BLM Winnemucca 173.8 Fox Mtn.
023171.675 171.675 BLM Scene of Action
024171.675 168.225 BLM Scene of Action Statewide
025167.950 167.950 BLM Guard Ch 2
026166.375 166.375 BLM Susanville/Bakersfield
027154.145 154.145 Carlin Fire
028155.970 155.970 Carson City SO Ch 1
029155.970 155.250 Carson City SO Ch 2 151.4 Snow Valley
030155.535 155.535 Carson City SO Ch 3
031155.685 155.685 Carson City SO Ch 4
032154.430 153.845 Carson City FD Ch 1 127.3 Snow Valley Peak
033154.430 154.430 Carson City FD Ch 2 & Wells FD
034154.145 154.145 Carson City FD Ch 3 Fire Prevention
035154.175 154.175 Carson City FD Ch 4 Mobiles Only
036 155.880 155.880 Carson City LG Ch 1
037155.835 155.835 Carson City LG Ch 2
038154.980 154.980 Carson City LG Ch 3
039156.015 156.015 Carson City LG Ch 4
040151.280 151.280 Calif. Div. For.-Blue
041151.295 151.295 Calif. Div. For.-Green
042151.310 151.310 Calif. Div. For.-Yellow
043151.325 151.325 Calif. Div. For.
044158.085 158.085 Churchill County Fire
045155.190 155.910 Churchill County SO
046155.190 155.190 Churchill County SO
047158.940 153.815 Clark Co CD 103.5
048158.940 158.940 Clark Co CD
049154.205 153.950 Clark Co Fire-Rural Areas 131.8
050154.340 153.770 Clark Co Fire-Rural Areas
051154.340 154.340 Clark Co Fire-Rural Areas

More next month... Fred

New Mexico

This month we will highlight Carlsbad, with some frequencies courtesy of Danny (NM-018). He included the info with his Member Survey. Thanks, Danny!

154.040Carlsbad City Public Works (rptr)
154.310Carlsbad Fire dispatch
154.655NM State Public Safety car to car Ch 2
154.670NM State Public Safety car to car Ch 1
154.800NM State Intercity all agencies (rptr out)
154.965Eddy County fire
155.070Eddy County Sheriff dispatch (rptr out)
155.130Carlsbad Police car to car Ch2
155.250Carlsbad Police dispatch (rptr in)
155.475Carlsbad Police car to car Ch 11
155.490Eddy County Sheriff car to car Ch10
155.550NM State Police State Channel car to car
155.565NM State Police District Ch 5 (base)
155.655NM State Police District Ch 5 (mobile)
155.910Carlsbad Police dispatch (rptr out)
156.030Eddy County Sheriff dispatch (rptr in)
159.030NM State Intercity all agencies (rptr in)
163.675Eddy County Border Patrol car to car
164.425Guadalupe Mtns National Park (rptr)
164.425Carlsbad Caverns National Park (rptr)
168.500Carlsbad BLM dispatch (rptr)
169.125Lincoln Nat Forest dispatch (rptr)
453.275Carlsbad City Public Works (rptr)
453.950Sante Fe Enforcement Bureau dispatch
463.050Carlsbad FD ambulance
854.9875Carlsbad Public Safety (rtpr)
855.2375Carlsbad Public Safety (rptr)


Hello fellow scannists and welcome back to the Oregon section. I've been very busy with school lately, but I have still had time to do some scanning. The latest big scanning "event" was the Olympic Torch relay which passed through a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, the local channels were fairly quiet, except for the local tactical channel. I did manage to weed out the OSP motorcycle brigade using an input frequency of 156.03 for talkaround. I've never heard of this frequency being used like this, but you can bet I'll keep this one plugged in.

This month I've decided to go over my home area, Benton County! I've received a lot of help from Minor Cross and Cary Vonasek, who also vigorously scan the area. If it happens in Benton County, you can bet at least one of us will get it. Minor has provided us with the Oregon Dept. of Forestry (ODF) local options for the Western Oregon area. If you recall last months issue, ODF's channels 1-20 are statewide

155.490Benton County (Corvallis PD) Sheriff Dispatch
156.090Benton County (Corvallis PD) Sheriff Dispatch
155.010Benton County Talkaround (CH 4)
155.070Link to Lincoln County
155.625Benton County Sheriff (Licensed, but not used)
154.665OSP Albany area
155.745Oregon State University (OSP Unit)
154.340Benton County Fire Dispatch
156.195Corvallis FD Ops channel
154.220Philomath FD Ops channel
155.340MedicLink to Good Samaritan (Corvallis)
154.280State FireNet
155.805Benton County SAR
155.160Corvallis Mountain Rescue
151.175Oregon Dept of Forestry-Philomath Dist.
162.610Siuslaw National Forest-Corvallis HQ

Benton County Fire - All fire dispatching is done on 154.3400 MHz. Identifiers for the different departments, including the law, are as follows:

100Corvallis Fire Dept.
200Philomath Fire Dept.
300County Rd. Dept.
400County Sheriff
500Hoskins/Kings Valley Fire
600Blodgett/Summit Fire
700Alsea Fire
800Corvallis Police
900(Not assigned)
1000(Used to be Monroe Police)
1100Philomath Police
1400Adair Fire Dept.
1700Monroe Fire Dept.

Corvallis and Philomath Fire Dept. numbering system:


101-109Station ID 101 Main Sta. at Fifth St.
102Sub Sta.at 35th.
103Sub Sta. at Circle
104Sub Sta. at Tunison.


201- 209201-Main Sta. at Main St.
202 SubSta. at Wren Rd,
203Sub Sta. at Llewellen Rd.
110-119Dept. officers.
121-129Ambulance and Medical units
131-139Engine Companies
141-149Water Tenders (tankers)
151-159Truck Companies
161-169Utility Units, Brush rigs, etc.
171-179Special Duty Apparatus, Dump Trucks, Flat Beds, etc.
181-189Haz - Mat and Rescue Apparatus
191-199Staff Vehicles

NOTES: The last digit in the ID # indicates which station that unit is from. Example, #232, Philomath Engine Co. is from Station 2 at Wren Rd. Dept officers are the only exception to this rule. Philomath FD will be using ODF's 151.175 part time this summer. Benton Co. Dispatch Center does not have Philomath FD's 154.220. This is licensed to PFD only.

Oregon Department of Forestry-Western Oregon Local Options

CH21State Search and Rescue155.8050
CH22BIA Relay 172.7250 171.7250
CH23USFS Direct 164.1500
CH24USFS Relay 162.6125
CH25BLM Direct 165.9750
CH26BLM Relay 165.9750 166.8500
CH27Coast Weather 162.5500
CH28Valley Weather 162.4750
CH29Polk 911 154.2350
CH30Lincoln 911 154.4300
CH31Benton 911 154.3400
CH32Western Oregon Direct 154.1750

This month's interesting Web site is the space shuttle RealAudio page. It provides a live RealAudio link to the current Space Shuttle mission. You can hear the actual transmissions between Mission Control and the astronauts as it happens. All you need is a 14.4K or higher modem, sound card, and the RealAudio program to get the feed. If you don't have RealAudio, you can download a free copy. At times, the feed can be quite boring but other times it is very interesting to hear. The URL is: http://shuttle.nasa.gov/sts-79/sounds/ Remember to replace the sts-79 with the current shuttle mission number. There also the main shuttle page at URL: http://shuttle.nasa.gov It has links to photos, video and plenty of Space Shuttle information.

REACT Volunteers Still Needed!

If you live in the Eugene area, Jeff Newton still needs volunteers for REACT. If you enjoy CB and GMRS radios, this is a great opportunity to help the community. Get in touch with Jeff at:

Jeff Newton
1468 Fetters Loop
Eugene, Oregon 97402-3364
(541) 484-4734 voice/fax after 5pm

Airshow Buffs: Remember this month the USAF Thunderbirds will be in Redmond on the 24th and 25th! This will be the lone performance in Oregon for any military aerobatic team this year. I plan to have the scanner locked and loaded for prime airshow monitoring. If you need some "ammo" for your scanner, there are quite a few places on the net with the freqs you'll need. If you don't have a computer, just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I'll print you a listing. Hope to see you there!


We're working our way from the south to the north on our Centennial Tour of Utah. This month we highlight Iron, Beaver, Emery and Grand Counties. The frequencies are all public safety related. Let me know if you have any additions or corrections.

I received a very nice letter and a great list of frequencies from Stephan (UT-045). Next month we'll dig into that and see what we can find. See ya then! Gary

Iron County:

151.085Utah State Cedar City
153.860Utah State Cedar City
153.965 Brian Head
154.055 Utah State Cedar City
154.130 Newcastle Fire
154.145 Beryl Fire
154.190 Paragonah Fire
154.445 Cedar City Fire
154.695 Utah State UHP
154.875 Iron County Police Cedar City
154.920 Utah State UHP
154.965 Paragonah City
155.025 Utah State Cedar City
155.040 Parowan City
155.175 Valley View Med Cedar City
155.220 Valley View Med Cedar City
155.280 Valley View Med Cedar City
155.340 Valley View Med Cedar City
155.565 UT Highway Patrol Cedar City
155.640 Iron County Police Cedar City
155.775 Utah State Cedar City
155.805 Cedar City Corp
155.895 Utah State Cedar City
155.985 Utah State Cedar City
158.910 Utah State Police
158.970 Utah State Police Cedar City
173.2625 Brian Head
45.680 Iron County Hwy Cedar City
451.475 Brian Head
451.925 Cedar City Fire
453.800 Iron County Hwy Cedar City
456.475 Brian Head
456.925 Cedar City Fire
458.100 Utah State Cedar City
458.800 Iron County Hwy Cedar City
460.475 Utah State Police
462.225 Cedar City Corp
462.300Valley View Med Cedar City
465.050 Utah State Police
465.475 Utah State Police
467.225 Cedar City Corp
467.300 Valley View Med Cedar City

Beaver County

153.785KRK569 Beaver County
153.935 WSA765 Milford City
153.980 KRK569 Beaver County
155.115 KRK569 Beaver County
155.205 WPBQ703 W. Beaver Co Sheriff S&R
155.280 KVT661 Beaver Valley Hospital
155.340 KVT661 Beaver Valley Hospital
155.565 KBY973 Utah State UHP
155.865 KRK569 Beaver County
155.985 WAE793 Utah State
158.820 WZM873 Beaver City

Emery County

151.055 WNJQ709 Emery County Highway Dept Woodside
151.370 WNDJ422 Utah State Forestry Green River
153.740 WPCD653 Emery County
153.860 WNML637 Utah State Woodside
154.040 WNIU290 Orangeville
154.695 KOB424 Utah State Police Woodside
155.160 WZZ227 Emery Co (Statewide S&R)
155.220 KNEA310 Green River Jeep Posse Green River
155.340 WZZ229 Green River Clinic Green River
155.475WNVQ509 Utah State Police Woodside
155.655 KVH300 Utah State UHP Castle Dale
155.775 WNMH640 Utah State Green River
155.985 WZZ228 Emery County Green River
156.000 KKV351 Emery County Castle Dale
156.075 KNBA838 Emery County Highway Dept
156.210 KKD583 Emery County Police Castle Dale
158.745 KNGC656 Emery County Cleveland
158.895 KNHG960 Castle Valley Sp Svcs Dist Castle Dale
159.045 WNML637 Utah State Woodside
159.405 WNDJ422 Utah State Forestry Green River
451.750 KNGC656 Emery County Cleveland
453.200 WPCS427 Emery County Castle Dale
453.375 WPCH747 Emery County Woodside
453.550 KNHG960 Castle Valley Sp Svcs Dist Castle Dale
456.750 KNGC656 Emery County Castle Dale
458.200 WPCS427 Emery County Castle Dale
458.375 WPCH747 Emery County Woodside
458.550 KNHG960 Castle Valley Sp Svcs Dist Castle Dale
462.300 WNNS272 Utah State Highway Dept

Grand County

150.995 WHK75 Utah State Highway Dept Moab
151.370 WNGY631 Utah State Forestry Moab
153.770 WNGT416Moab Fire Protection Dist Moab
153.965 WPFJ637 Grand Co Solid Waste Dist Moab
153.995 WPEK380 Moab City
154.055 WNDL367 Grand County Hospital Dist
154.430 WNHT416 Moab Fire Protection Dist Moab
155.025 KNBX719 Utah State Moab
155.040 WNGC887 Grand County
155.100 WPEC778 Grand County Moab
155.130 WAM934 Grand County Police Moab
155.145 KNIC398 Grand County
155.340 WNDE804 Grand County Hospital Dist
155.415 KNGS997 Moab City Police
155.655 KOB424 Utah State UHP Moab
155.730 KXE585 Grand County Police Moab
155.760 WNGC887 Grand County
155.775 WQP806 Utah State Moab
155.835 KNIC398 Grand County
155.910 WNXW914 Grand County Police Moab
155.985 KNBX719 Utah State Moab
158.760 WZU639 Moab City
158.850 WNXW914 Grand County Police Moab
158.955 WNWW820 Grand County Moab
159.285 WNGY631 Utah State Forestry Moab
159.405 WNGY631 Utah State Forestry Moab
458.1625 WNZY451 Moab City
460.575 WPAS571 Moab Fire Center Moab
465.575 WPAS571 Moab Fire Center Moab


Greetings from the great state of Washington! Just a random information' sort of column this month. Got a couple of interesting inputs from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous.

Here's what we have to offer:

First, an update on the communications at the Clearwater Casino in Kitsap County. I reported erroneously that the Suquamish Tribal Council operates a gambling casino on Bainbridge Island. In fact, it is just off Bainbridge Island right next to the Agate Pass Bridge. They have expanded their communications capabilities and are currently running 3 separate channels, as well as a paging network on one of them. They are no longer on a repeater, however, so their handhelds won't be heard like they have been. Here's what their lineup is:

Security 464.825
Maintenance 464.675
Admin Staff 464.325

There is no PL tone associated with this group but you might hear an occasional two-tone page being broadcast on the Security channel. Their handhelds are all Motorola SP50's and seven of the Security ones have the paging option.

While we're in the neighborhood, Bainbridge Island has a standard set of 20 channels which are programmed into all of their Public Works and Police vehicles. Here they are:

1 153.875 203.5 BI Pub Wks
2 158.820 BI PD
3 156.135 OSCCR
4 151.625 Rd Flaggers
5 155.670 BI PD Tac
6 158.880 KCSD T/A
7 158.880 110.9 KCSD Rptr
8 155.955 100.0 C PUD
9 154.665 WSP Brem
10 155.895 Brem PUD
11 156.800 USCG
12 157.100 USCG
13 162.550 NOAA WX
14 154.965 110.9 Tri/Cities
15 155.370 100.0 LERN
16 151.040 WSF Docks
17 158.730 Suq Tribal
18 156.015 Poulsbo PD
19 154.370 KCFD - Ch 1
20 153.770 KCFD - Ch 2

The Environmental Protective Agency (EPA), here on the Olympic Peninsula, has a number of handhelds that are used by their cleanup and inspection teams. The radios are Motorola HT600's and have two channels:

1 462.150 346 Input up 5MHz
2 462.150 346 Simplex

Remember, if you have internet access you can always reach me via e-mail. Have a safe summer and don't forget the 2nd Annual National Scanning Convention in Lancaster, PA. It's July 12-14. Last year was terrific and this year promises to be even better! Hope to see you there.


Howdy again from wonderful windy Wyoming! This month I hope to give you some freqs for Frontier days and some info from Peter S. (MA-155).

This year is Cheyenne's 100th Frontier Days. You can bet there are lots of activities going on. Below I've listed a number of freqs that might be handy to listen to.

151.715 Cheyenne Frontier Days (shared with other Business Users)
154.800 Cheyenne Police (Ch.1)
154.755 Cheyenne Police (Ch.2)
155.610 Cheyenne Police (Ch.3)
155.355 Emergicare (ambulance)
155.340 Emergicare (ambulance)
155.715 911 Ch. 1
153.995 911 Ch. 2
154.965 Cheyenne City Local Gov't
155.085 Cheyenne City Local Gov't
158.760 Cheyenne City Local Gov't
158.820 Cheyenne City Local Gov't

Plus all itenerant freqs.

Next are some inputs from Peter S. He indicated that it is about 2 years old, so bear with me. If anyone has additions/corrections, etc., please contact me and I will make sure the info gets out.

Wyoming State Parks & Historical Sites Radio IDs (Apr 94 Info)
Central Field Office Shoshone Eng.ering Tech #550
Curt Gowdy State Park Cheyenne Superintendent #534
Wilkins State Park Evansville Superintendent #543
Glendo State Park Glendo Superintendent #520
Guernsey State Park Guernsey Superintendent #526
Keyhole State Park Moorcroft Superintendent #530
Oregon Trail Cemetary Evansville Superintendent #541
Seminoe State Park Sinclair Superintendent #538
Hot Springs State Park Thermopolis Superintendent #580
Medicine Bow Archaeoloical Hyattville Superintendent #565
Sinkins Canyon State Park Lander Superintendent #571
South Pass City Historical Site Lander Park Superintendent #567
Park Lead Worker #568
Boysen State Park Shoshone Park Super. #555
Park Lead Worker #556
Ch. 1 151.160 Rptr Out Rptrs on Cooper Mt, Laramie Pk, 
151.430 Rptr In Aspen Mt. and Warren Pk
Ch. 2 151.160 Unit to Unit (Shared with State Forestry)
154.280 ICS Channel 3 Primary Tactical Freq all FDs
154.875 Law Enforcement Mutual Aid channel for Police & EMS units
168.550 Federal Primary calling and contact Freq (ICS channel 2)
168.400 BLM Tactical Channel
166.325 Rptr Out Ch. 1 Wind River Agency BIA Black Mtn Rptr (no PL)
167.075 Rptr In
166.325 Ch. 2 Unit to Unit Wind River BIA (no PL)
173.7625 Fort Laramie Historic Site (National Park Service
166.300 Ch. 1 Bighorn Canyon Nat'l Rec Area (NPS)
166.30R Ch. 2 (166.900 Rptr In) (PL 131.8 on Ch. 1 & 2)
169.400 Ch. 1 Unit to Unit Fossil Butte Nat'l Monument (NPS)
169.400R Ch. 2 (171.675 Input) Rpter (No PL)
171.675 Ch.1 Unit to Unit Grand Teton Nat'l Park
171.675R Ch.2 (172.425 Input) Signal Mtn Rptr (no PL on ch 1 or 2)
Weston Co. Fire Warden "21-7"
Weston Co. Dept Fire Warden "21-20"
Campbell County FDs 154.965 Toned out by Sheriff
Converse County FDs 45.200 
Fremont County FDs 155.115
Hot Springs County FD 46.060

This was not all of Peter's input. I will include the rest next month. Thanks Peter! You were my very first input for this column!

Before I go, please note that my e-mail address has changed. I check my e-mail daily. It's an easy, quick way to get a reply out to someone who requests info. So come on Wyomingites - drop me a note! Ken