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Kansas September 1996

Since the last issue of RCMA (I thought I wasn't going to mention RCMA???), I tried to get copies of the columns that WOULD have been in the Journal to each of the Kansas members of which I had addresses. Those columns were written several months prior to their predicted date of publication, meaning that the last column was written about May. The contents of this column comes from info sent to me during the months of June, July and a few weeks of August. Don, Dale, Bob and Bob have sent gobs of material, so bear with me & my attempt to organize it. For what it's worth, those of you getting this via the US Postal Service should know that your contributions are on the Internet, too. I send all the column to several news groups on the "Web" now that RCMA is no more. Your information can still be read literally all over the world!

One of the Bobs had the opportunity to observe the 800 MHz portable issued to a KHP Trooper. He had most of the channels figured out, and I called some folks "in the know," and filled in the few blanks. The channel list is as follows:

1Topeka KHP trunked system856-860.4875
2CASP Capitol Area Security Patrol (Shawnee Co trunked-
3 Shawnee SO trunked system 856.4875 to 860.4875
4YCAT Youth Center at Topeka (Shawnee Co trunked)-
5KDOT Ks Dept. of Transportation (Shawnee Co trunked) -
6 KC KHP trunked system 856-860.7625 & 856-860.9375, no KCK PD channels
7KC KHP PD trunked system 856-860.7625 & 856-860.9375, with KCK PD channels
8JO KHP trunked system 856-860.9625, no Johnson County SO channels
9JO SO KHP trunked system 856-860.9625, with Johnson County SO channels
10SG SO KHP 856-860.2625, 856-860.4625, 856-860.7375 & 856-860.9625 with SO channels
11SG KHP856-860.2625, 856-860.4625, 856-860.7375 & 856-860.9625 with no SO channels
12Hays PD 856.2125, 857.2125, 862.4875 & 863.4875
14MO Motor Carrier Inspection -
15Conv RPT #1 866.5125 (National Mutual Aid freq)
16Conv RPT #2 867.0125 (National Mutual Aid freq)
17Conv RPT #3 867.5125 (National Mutual Aid freq)
18Leavenworth County 851.5625
19Leavenworth County 852.5625
20Leavenworth County 853.5625
21Car to Car on Leavenworth SO-
22Car to Car on Leavenworth SO-
23Horton conventional repeater 866.7125
24Corning conventional repeater 868.9250
25Blue Rapids conventional repeater 866.6875
26Wamego conventional repeater 867.9375
27Eskrigde conventional repeater 868.6750
28Emporia conventional repeater 868.9250
29Waverly conventional repeater 867.9375
30Lawrence conventional repeater 868.8625
31Bonner Springs conventional repeater 868.6750
32Olathe conventional repeater 866.6875

(Note: Don says that, channel 15 is KHP's portable repeater 855.9625, and 16 is 866.0125, and 17 is 866.5125 in Wichita and KC. In Ellis County channel 17 is 867.5125. The list shown may have a few slight errors then, so be advised. I'll keep trying to confirm what we have. Thanks, Don.)

Bob also has noted that some of the old low-band frequencies are being used sporadically in Troop A...I noticed it, too. My conversations with KHP dispatchers indicate that they still multi-cast important stuff

like chases, and have occasion to communicate with Troopers and other state agency units from other areas that don't have 800 yet. Here at Lenexa PD we don't have a monitor for their new stuff, so all we have is the 44.940/45.180 monitors. I'm glad they multi-cast some of the stuff for that reason alone. Thanks for the detective work, Bob.

Dale has done equally well at finding great information. He heard that Troop H is now on 800. (Try 868.9250 at West Mineral, 867.9375 at Independence, 866.7125 at Sedan, 868.8375 at Severy, 868.8625 at Buffalo, 868.6750 at Xenia, and 866.6875 at Virgil...Andy) He says that the Trooper's cars are still equipped with low-band radios, but that's all...not even dispatch has it anymore. Apparently the Troop B cars bordering Troop H are getting the new radios, too.

He says that Salina has been de-bugging new Motorola consoles, but they came up with a new generation of consoles and made the state an offer they couldn't refuse. Now the newest consoles are being readied.

Next...Norton will be the first KHP dispatch center to lose the midnight shift to central dispatch. Look for this to happen about the first of December. During the transition, there will be dispatchers in Salina and Norton in case something goes wrong. The centralized dispatch system will begin on low-band, and migrate to 800 as the system grows. A 5 to 10 year time frame is projected for total centralized dispatch.

That's a long time to wait. Trees add growth rings faster than the government works.

Dale had a question about the frequencies from 866 to 869 assigned to Kansas agencies by NPSPAC. Are they going to be the conventional (non-trunked) repeaters? The answer is a definite "yes and no."

According to NPSPAC, any agency using less than 5 frequencies must be conventional repeaters. If there are 5 or more frequencies used, they can (must?) be trunked.

Another tidbit he came up with is the fact that the Training Center is Salina uses UHF handhelds for communications. The license on the wall showed 453.3675/458.3675. (FCC spacing should be either .3625 or 3875 for the suffix. Maybe a typo. I've looked through my files and FCC databases, and can't find anything there. Dale, can you try to verify the frequency? Thanks for your input.

Two more frequencies that Dale has for us are 451.425 for Sunflower Electric, which was real active during a bad wind storm that downed lots of lines, and 151.295 for Wildlife and Parks. As I read his

letter, it looks like he hasn't actually heard Wildlife & Parks on that frequency, but did hear a couple of them talking about their high-band channel. He knows that they are licensed on 151.295, so that might be a good one to monitor. My records show licenses in Toronto (WNJS654) and El Dorado (WNJZ705.) Let us know if anyone can verify it.

Doyle has provided frequencies for Dodge City/Ford county:

Dodge City/Ford County

39.180Countywide EMS/Fire dispatch (excludes Dodge City FD)
463.000EMS to hospital
463.050EMS to hospital
463.150EMS to hospital
154.980 Dodge City PD
155.700 Dodge City PD Tac channel
154.310 Dodge City Fire
155.880 Ford County Sheriff
158.730 Ford County Fire (countywide)
462.750 Ford County Paging
464.875 Human Hospital, Dodge City
156.105 Dodge City city government
151.010 Ford County Road Department
159.000 Ford County Road Department
154.650 Ford County Sheriff
154.710 Ford County Sheriff
159.150Ford County Sheriff

More from Doyle...Hays/Ellis city/county Fire is dispatched on 154.445. He has also heard KHP on 460.1125. (As I recall, that is a link for KHP low-band...Andy) Liberal/Seward County is next:

Liberal/Seward County

154.040/158.940Seward County Sheriff
158.745/153.755Seward County Fire
158.745/153.755 Seward County EMS
460.625 Liberal Fire
453.150Liberal Police

Doyle says the above 5 freqs are confirmed by one of their dispatchers. The following 3 freqs are listed in various books, unknown for sure if/how they are used.

453.475 Liberal Police
453.675 Liberal Police
453.700 Liberal Police mutual aid

Hutchinson/Reno County

155.250 Police ch1
154.890 Police ch2
154.950 Police ch3
159.030 Police ch4
154.650 Police Detectives
154.950 Sheriff Tac
155.580 Sheriff Main
154.115 South Hutchinson Police
155.310 Dept. of Corrections main
155.670 Dept. of Corrections alternate
155.650 Dept. of Corrections alternate (could this be 154.650??? 155.650 isn't a good frequency...Andy)
155.340 EMS & Hospital
163.250 Hospital page
153.770 County Fire ch2
154.235 County Fire Nickerson
154.370 County Fire ch1
154.055 Hutchinson Public Works
154.980 Hutchinson Water Dept
150.935 Reno County Road Dept

More from...you guessed it...Doyle!

Garden City/Finney County

153.70/154.190 Fire
154.085/158.940 City Govt.
154.815/155.850 Police/Sheriff
155.295 EMS
154.725/155.970 Sheriff
153.920 County Govt.
151.010/159.075 County Roads

Concordia/Cloud County

155.715 Sheriff
453.325 County Govt.
153.860/158.820 City Govt.
154.770/155.535 Police
155.790/159.090 Police

And now...something from Doyle:

Colby/Thomas County

153.935/155.940 City Govt.
153.980/158.955 City Govt.
154.725/156.210 Police
154.995 County Roads
39.5800 Sheriff

Salina/Saline County

460.575 Fire
460.600 Fire
452.275 Police
460.025 Police main
460.175 Police tac
460.375 Police
460.475 Police
462.950 EMS
462.975 EMS
463.150 EMS
155.160 Salina Transit
151.070/159.075 County Roads
460.550 Sheriff
153.875 City Govt.
153.935 City Govt.
155.040 City Govt.
453.0375 City Govt.
453.475 City Govt.
453.700 City Govt.
453.925 City Govt.

Whew!!! That's all Doyle had for this column.

The other Bob has been monitoring the Lawrence/Douglas County system for quite a while now, and has reported that 868.0500 is being used by Douglas County. The dispatcher is all that has been heard to date, so the cars are on 39.220 and/or 867.3375. Dispatch is being multi-cast on all three channels. Bob heard them mention that the Sheriff's Office will be testing 800 as their main frequency.During Bob's monitoring he noticed that the signal level was much lower on 868.0500 than on 867.3375. During the above mentioned tests they told one unit to "go to channel 2 and he was never heard from again. Still only dispatch on 868.0500. He thinks it might be in the county where coverage is poor, or possibly even an uplink from the SO to the transmitter site. As Bob is known to do, he has intentions to drive around as sniff out the transmitter site on his own. Good luck, and thanks for the info.

Well, there are a few other bits and pieces that have been sent in, but this column is way too long already. I promise that next month anything left out this time will make it in. Again, thanks to all the contributors...and thanks for your patience. It has been trying times recently with the fall of so many scanner related information sources. That, plus I have had little time to do much scanning myself, so I have done little to add to the column. As things loosen up around home I hope to get back into active scanning again.

Andy <andyb@qni.com>