German Art

This was published in a newspaper but I heard it by word of mouth. I am assured that it is true.

A german gentleman locked himself out of his house and decided that since he had a largish cat flap that he could sqeeze in through it. It turned out that he was half right since he got stuck and could go neither forward or backward. Seeing his plight a crowd of passing students went over and removed his trousers, painted his bum blue and stuck a daffodil in it. They put up a sign saying "Germany resurgent - a study in dynamic art" and left him there. Passers by were assured that the screams were all part of the artistry and he was there for two days before anyone came to his aid.

When he was released he said "I kept screaming and yelling for help and people kept clapping, throwing coins at me and saying 'Well done - very original!' "