Robbery Suspect Mugged

A man stole $2,100 from a Brooklyn savings bank on Friday but was mugged as he made his getaway, so he immediately reported the crime to the nearest police station house, the police said. Officers promptly arrested the man.

"He said that he had robbed a bank and that he himself had been robbed," said a police spokesman, Sgt. Norris Hollomon. "Only a psychiatrist would know why he did it," he added.

Friday at 3 P.M., the man, indentified as Anthony Colella, 49 years old, of 2155 82nd Street in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, entered the Idenpendence Saving Bank at 1769 86th Street in Bath Beach. He handed the teller a not saying, "Be fast. I have a gun... Give me all your money. Don't make me pull it," the police said. Taking $2,100 and stuffing it into a brown paper bag, he then escaped on foot.

As he was walking along, an unidentified man jumped out of a station wagon, shoved Mr. Colella and grabbed the paper bag containing the $2,100 before drving off, he told police. Mr. Colella went to the 62nd Precinct station house at 1925 Bath Avenue to report both crimes.

The station wagon mugger has not been found. The police have charged Mr. Colella with first-degree robbery, criminal possession of stolen property and criminal possession of a weapon.