Toe Soup

From Thu Jan  5 06:21:10 1995
From: ah787@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Bill Stuart)
Subject: Toe soup (weird food)
Toe soup actually does exist.

It's served in a restaurant in the canadian northwest territories, i forget the name of the restauraunt right now.

Toe soup is simply chicken soup with a preserved human toe in it. The toe belongs to an explorer who died prospecting for gold in the area. For some inane reason, someone pickled it in a jar and for an even odder reason, decided to put it in a bowl of soup before serving it.

The toe isn't cooked into the soup, it is cleaned off and re-used with each bowl. The health department says it may be disgusting, but it's not dangerous or unhealthy.

This was printed in the Mclain's magazine issue about Canadian myths and legends, and the validity of each.