Day of the Week Buddha

© Clay Irving 2008
Buddha for Sunday (pang thawai net)
The Sunday Buddha image is standing with arms crossed in front of the waist with the right hand covering the left hand.

Buddha obtained enlightenment while sitting under a bothi tree. The image represents a time just after Buddha obtained enlightenment when, for gratitude, he stood and admired a bothi tree for one week without blinking an eye ((net) is a formal Pali word for eye or eyes).

Buddha for Monday (pang ham yati)
The Monday Buddha image is standing with the right hand raised to shoulder height with the palm out and the fingers extended (the abhaya mudra).

This image represents Buddha pacifying the relatives. When Buddha returned from heaven after three months, his relatives were arguing about the rights to water flowing through their land. Buddha persuaded them to compromise.

Buddha for Tuesday (pang sai yat)
The Tuesday Buddha image is lying on his right side, head resting on his arm, toes even.

It represents when Buddha entered parinibbana at his death on a Tuesday.

Buddha for Wednesday(pang umbat)
The Buddha image for Wednesday is standing and holding an alms bowl with both hands.

It indicates the time Buddha returned to see his father. In the early morning, monks make their alms rounds to collect food. Buddha did the same and his father was upset that Buddha was "begging" for food.

Buddha for Thursday (pang samti)
The Thursday Buddha image is sitting in a full lotus position with soles upward and visible, the hands resting in the lap, right above left with all fingers extended, palms upward (the dhyani mudra).

In this position, some believe the body is receptive to energy entering through the top of the head and through the open palms.

Buddha for Friday (pang ram pueng)
The Friday Buddha image is standing with both arms crossed over the chest with the right hand covering the left.

This position indicates contemplation and consideration, and represents Buddha contemplating the subtle nature of dhamma and ponders on how to reveal this to mankind.

Buddha for Saturday (pang nak prok)
The Saturday Buddha image is sitting in a full lotus position in meditation on the coiled body of the naga Muchalinda that uses its head as a cover against rain.

This pose represents a time during the sixth week after Siddhartha's Enlightenment, when the naga king protected the meditating Buddha against heavy rainfall by making a shelter with his multi-headed hood and lifted him above the flood waters by coiling its body under him.