The MecklerWeb Initiative

Mecklermedia Corporation
11 Ferry Lane West
Westport, CT 06880
TEL 1 203 226 6967
FAX 1 203 454 5840
CompuServe: 70373,616
AppleLink: Meckler

An Executive Overview

This is a press release style document.

Corporate Communication & Marketing System

These are slides from the presentation given by Christopher Locke, president of MecklerWeb Corporation.

MecklerWeb Demo

This information was released on a Windows diskette at the conference. The diskette version uses California Software's InterAp browser on local data as a convenience to those who are not in the Internet.

The official Web site will not be operational for some weeks; for now DEC is host for the demo data.

Last Updated 6/1/94.

Comments, suggestions, complaints can be addressed to: WCB.

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