Product Information Disclaimer

A few things to keep in mind about the product information herein.

Consistency and Accuracy

I have made every effort to keep the product data contained herein consistent with the printed materials that were handed out in the conference.

I have however not made any effort to verify the accuracy of the claims made in the product literature.

For example if someone states that they have the lowest price on something, then that exhibitor's product report will state that they have the lowest price on that thing. A careful reader may find one or two cases where these product claims are contradictory between the various exhibitor reports.

Phrasing and Point of View

What you see in the product sections is the information that you would have received had you been at the conference. In many cases the product information that you'll read is taken directly from the vendors promotional materials.

I have not attempted to change the frame of reference from that of the vendor to that of a third party. For that reason you will find the phrases ``our product'' or ``we sell'' in many of the product descriptions. This does not constitute an endorsement, but rather merely a verbatim copying of the vendors promotional material.


Not all products in an exhibitor's line are listed. Only the products explicitly mentioned in the trade show are listed.


I have attempted to get price information for all listed products, even by querying the vendor after the show. It has not been possible to acquire price information on all products.

With many software and service products, prices are hard to come by. This seems to be because

  1. The prices are so high as to be embarassing. No point in scaring off consumers; if you have to ask you can't afford it anyway.
  2. The price depends on who you are and how willing you are to bargain.

Both of these effects are less true in the PC and Macintosh software world. For those sorts of products, price information was easy to come by and vendors were quite forward about it.

Last Updated 6/1/94.

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