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California Software Inc. Announces Charter Partnership in MecklerWeb

INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- California Software, Inc. of Corona del Mar, CA announced their decision to join the new MecklerWeb information and marketing service on the worldwide Internet. MecklerWeb, using widely available open systems such as the World Wide Web (WWW) and Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS) will provide a single source of business and professional information for millions of Internet users. Unlike traditional mass marketing methods, the Internet medium will allow corporations to present the complete scope and detail of their products and services to a highly focused and sophisticated market.

California Software, Inc. joins a rapidly growing list of technology and information providers eager to expand their presence in the global market. "We realized early on that the vast marketing potential of the Internet had been largely ignored," said Paul Remer, president of California Software. In fact, we designed our InterAp product specifically for the corporate and small business Internet subscriber."

InterAp is a fully-integrated and customizable application that adapts the familiar Windows graphical interface to the special needs of the Internet. It provides full access to World Wide Web navigation, Telnet, and FTP. It also includes a full-featured Electronic Mail system that conforms to the MAPI standard. NetScripts, the visual basic scripting language included with InterAp, allows users to create macro agents that automatically retrieve information from a wide variety of databases available on the Internet.

Using the component object model incorporated in OLE 2.0, InterAp brings a new way of achieving global communications and information retrieval to corporate Internet users.

To illustrate the broad appeal of a corporate information service like MecklerWeb and the easy-to-use features of InterAp, California Software, Inc. worked very closely with Mecklermedia to produce a demonstration disk that highlights the benefits of the Internet to corporate users.

"We could not have produced the accompanying demonstration disk without the support of California Software," said Christopher Locke, president of MecklerWeb Corporation. "This disk allows us to demonstrate the power of the Web, WAIS, and other Internet capabilities to people who may not have access to an Internet connection."

10,000 demonstration diskettes are being produced, many of which will be distributed at Mecklermedia's Internet World conference and trade show on June 1 to coincide with the announcement of MecklerWeb. California Software will also demonstrate a fully functional version of their InterAp product in booth #633 at the Internet World show.

California Software, Inc. is a leading developer of object-oriented communications software. The company designes and develops software in the U.S. and in Europe in order to meet the diverse cultural and functional needs of its users.

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