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Checkpoint Joins the MecklerWeb Initiative; Adds Revolutionary Internet FireWall-1 Product Providing Full Internet Connectivity with Security

INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. today added its award-winning FireWall-1 Internet security software product to the MecklerWeb initiative. CheckPoint FireWall-1 allows corporations and institutions to benefit from full, transparent Internet connectivity while protecting each organization's network from Internet security risks.

Mr. Gil Schwed, CheckPoint's co-founder and CEO said: "CheckPoint Software Technologies is pleased to have been selected to participate in the MecklerWeb initiative. We believe that MecklerWeb will expand the use of the Internet for corporations, professionals, and consumers by providing valuable information and resources to the desktop. We share MecklerWeb's philosophy of enabling corporations, institutions and individuals to benefit from full Internet connectivity without security risk."

By using an intuitive graphical user interface combined with leading-edge security technology we deliver true Internet connectivity with security to expert and novice users alike. The system defines, verifies, implements and enforces each organization's security policy. This policy is enforced using CheckPoint's unique, patent-pending packet filtering technique. CheckPoint's application-level, smart packet filtering technology combines the benefits of application- level gateway security with the transparency, efficiency and comprehensiveness of packet filtering. FireWall-1 delivers unmatched Internet connectivity for ALL protocols and services with true network security.

CheckPoint FireWall-1 operates at the Internet gateway controlling all traffic between heterogeneous networks inspecting each packet using the security rule-base, promptly blocking all unwanted communication attempts.

CheckPoint FireWall-1 runs on any Sun Microsystems SPARC workstation or gateway, operating under SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.3 operating systems using X11R5 OpenLook GUI. SNMP client and agent support are included. Additional modules support automated access list generation and verification for routers and integration with enterprise-wide network management packages.

CheckPoint FireWall-1 delivers full transparent Internet connectivity to any TCP/IP based client (PC, Mac, UNIX, etc.) for all services, including the most advanced Internet services such as the MecklerWeb initiative.

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