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EDS Management Consulting Services and MecklerWeb collaborate on Internet online system

INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- EDS Management Consulting Services will collaborate with Mecklermedia to provide management and technical consulting services to users of the newly created MecklerWeb global marketing system. EDS will help corporate users of MecklerWeb develop the appropriate business and technical processes necessary to turn this Internet based marketing system into a strategic marketing tool reaching tens of millions of consumers.

With corporations and individuals connecting to the Internet at an unprecedented rate, the need for fluency in the application of online technologies and their impact on business is critical. Properly applied, the Internet can help companies react quickly to changing market demands, move rapidly to capture new opportunities, build customer loyalty and become virtual corporations with a global network.

"We are pleased to enter into this collaborative venture because it represents a creative new model in the use of the Internet. EDS Management Consulting Services is continually striving to bring new ideas and technologies to our clients in order to enable them to take advantage of changes and opportunities in the global business community. We help our clients assess the impact of tools and services such as MecklerWeb, and jointly develop the change management and technology structures that enable bottom line business performance improvement", stated Mike Bauer, EDS' Principal Consultant for Technology Planning Services.

If used effectively, online tools such as MecklerWeb can become competitive differentiators for corporations looking to properly apply these new technologies as enablers to achieve sustained business performance improvement. EDS consultants will help corporations understand how MecklerWeb can be integrated into their core business operations where it can impact sales, marketing, order/entry processes and distribution systems.

EDS Management Consulting Services offers a broad range of management consulting services to assist clients in improving their business performance. EDS Management Consulting Services has 1,100 consultants working around the world with clients in the communications, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace, defense, energy, health care industries.

MecklerWeb will be a very large Internet-based corporate communication and marketing system serving the needs of business and commerce worldwide. It will enable companies to powerfully position themselves relative to fast-emerging, pre-qualified and highly attractive online market sectors. The MecklerWeb initiative has been developed in direct response to widespread business demand for a simple and effective way to intersect with these new online micro-markets.

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