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Higher Education Consortium Will Have Space on MecklerWeb

INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- Founded in 1964, Educom is a nonprofit consortium of about 600 colleges, universities and other organizations serving higher education; it "is committed to the fulfillment of the potential of information technology to realize education that is active and learner-centered; free from traditional constraints of time and space; lifelong and collaborative; cost-effective; responsive; dynamic, relevant, and accessible; and outcomes-oriented." Educom, which has been a promoter and user of networking for a number of years, regards its additional presence on MecklerWeb as a way of augmenting and extending its service to its member institutions, its corporate associates, and the entire community of individuals who see information technology as a crucial instrument for transforming education.

Among Educom's activities are: an annual conference, to be held this year in San Antonio; the bimonthly (printed) magazine "Educom Review", which focuses on how the accelerating pace of development in computer and communications technologies is transforming education; several free Internet-based news services, such as "Edupage", which is a twice-weekly summary of news about information technology developments; and information programs in support of the National Information Infrastructure and other activities that will help higher education.

Educom will use its presence on MecklerWeb to explain its own programs and to make accessible many of its publications, including "Edupage" and an electronic version of "Educom Review." It will also share its space on MecklerWeb with the approximately 100 corporations that have become corporate associates of Educom and which are committed to Educom's goal of transforming education through the use of technology.

We are very pleased to be included in MecklerWeb and to be able give our corporate associates an additional platform from which to explain the unique contributions they can make to education.


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