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EIT Corporation Joins MecklerWeb Initiative

INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- Enterprise Integration Technologies Corporation announced today its participation in Mecklermedia's MecklerWeb initiative as a Core Technology Partner, giving MecklerWeb easy access to EIT's technologies and expertise in deployment.

Jay M. Tenenbaum, chief executive officer of EIT, sees MecklerWeb as a fundamental vehicle for companies to tap the explosive future of online markets.

"An Internet presence is the future of corporate communication and marketing," said Tenenbaum, "and MecklerWeb's use of anchor information providers to create online micro-markets is a powerful and practical way of bringing businesses and their clients together."

MecklerWeb will match professional associations and corporate sponsors to form coherent "domains" such as law, manufacturing, medicine, arts, technology, education, and the environment. The associations will host the online domain presence as a service to their members and thereby create attractive opportunities for corporate sponsorship. Online domains will be accessed using the Internet's "World-Wide-Web" software, currently used by over a million users and traffic is growing at an phenomenal 67% per month.

EIT develops software technologies that enable electronic commerce on the Web, including:

Much of this technology is being deployed within CommerceNet, a large-scale market trial of electronic commerce on the Internet.

"EIT's technology and its deployment in CommerceNet represents a critical watershed in the development of a viable commercial Internet" said Christopher Locke, president of the MecklerWeb Corporation.

EIT will provide MecklerWeb with licenses of these software technologies and its expertise in deployment of professional Web applications for large and small businesses, consortia, and government agencies.

Enterprise Integration Technologies Corp., of Palo Alto, Calif., (EIT) is an R&D and consulting organization, developing software and services that help companies do business on the Internet. EIT is also project manager of CommerceNet.

Mecklermedia Corporation publishes general circulation magazines and professional journals, organizes and conducts trade shows, and publishes professional books and directories. All of Mecklermedia's products and services relate to the development and use of information technology.

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