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Interleaf Links up with MecklerWeb:

New commercial Internet service to link businesses and consumers worldwide

INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- Interleaf, Inc. today announced it has become a charter partner in MecklerWeb, a new commercial Internet service that was unveiled today at the Internet World conference in San Jose, California.

MecklerWeb will be a massive Internet-based corporate communication and marketing system designed to serve the needs of business and commerce worldwide. It will enable businesses to publish information about their products, services and expertise on the Internet. Information on MecklerWeb will be organized into topical areas of interest, making it easy for Internet users to find the information they require.

As a charter partner in MecklerWeb, Interleaf will develop specialized authoring and conversion tools which allow organizations to manage and publish information that adheres to Internet standards such as the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Interleaf will preview this new technology in the Digital Equipment Corporation booth at Internet World. The technology will provide full WYSIWYG text and graphics creation, plus filtering tools for converting documents into the HTML format required for Internet publishing.

"MecklerWeb will provide organizations with a focused, highly accessible avenue for broadening their marketing reach. Interleaf's technology will provide the digital toolset that makes it easy to publish and distribute document-based information on the Internet," said Larry Bohn, Interleaf's senior vice president, marketing and business development.

Interleaf is a leading worldwide supplier of document management software and solutions. Interleaf's object-oriented, extensible technology enables organizations to gain competitive advantage by leveraging the information contained in documents and by automating the business-critical processes that rely on documents.

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