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Kaleidospace Joins MecklerWeb Initiative

INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- Kaleidospace, a company which has already set up shop on the information superhighway, is participating in the MecklerWeb initiative arts domain. Using Mosaic and world wide web, Kaleidospace has created the world's first international online business devoted to arts and entertainment. Leading the competition, Kaleidospace has already established itself as an authority on the creation and development of Internet business.

The Kaleidospace digital art deli (DAD) showcases and sells the work of independent artists, who traditionally have difficulty getting their work to a mass audience. Computer users worldwide may access multimedia presentations of independent musicians, writers, artists, performers, filmmakers, CD-ROM creators and software developers.

Users may access Kaleidospace artists by clicking in the various areas of the wheel. The artists provide excerpts of their work to Kaleidospace in a variety of media. Text, graphics, audio and video are combined into a single multimedia document promoting the artist. For less than the price of a magazine ad, artists showcase samples of their creative work, bios, concert schedules, ordering information and reviews. These artists have varying needs which are met by Kaleidospace:

By successfully launching the first Internet business devoted to arts and entertainment, Kaleidospace has shown that it understands this new medium. In a little over two months, Kaleidospace has mastered problems of hardware, programming, Internet connectivity, style development and artist relations to debut its service on March 31, 1994. In only a few weeks, the Kaleidospace multimedia online marketplace (MOM) had over 40,000 logins from all over the world. In fact, one login resulted in Kaleidospace's first international artist client-Vitold Kosir, a Croatian sculptor, who otherwise would not have a wide audience for his work.

Work by Kaleidospace artists may be ordered by fax, phone or mail. However, with the emerging standard for commercial Internet exchange (Secure Mosaic), direct worldwide computer-based ordering will be possible beginning in September 1994.

Kaleidospace brings to MecklerWeb a unique sense of style and site design necessary for Internet business to succeed. Jeannie Novak, the company's founder who created the system (including interface design and programming), is an independent composer-performer who is currently producing an album of original piano music for release. Pete Markiewicz combines knowledge of computer systems administration with animation and writing. As MecklerWeb partners, they will provide a forum sensitive to the needs of the entertainment community. Kaleidospace strongly supports the initiative because its design and execution illustrates understanding of Internet "culture." The goal of a shared, cooperative network for developing business contrasts with that of other media and supports Kaleidospace's own vision of a vast niche market for independent artists.

In addition to expanding its first site in cyberspace, Kaleidospace is developing two new Internet businesses for the summer of 1994. These sites are aimed at a larger audience than that of Kaleidospace and promise to be highly profitable. One site, Infospace, is aimed at business needs; the other, Magnetospace, is designed for the general public.

Kaleidospace is involved in several other projects concerning the development of new Mosaic Internet sites in the retail, educational and medical areas. It is also exploring the possibility of integrating the creation of Internet business with the procurement of Internet connectivity, thus providing the user with an "on ramp" integrating hardware and software solutions. To this end, Kaleidospace has developed a consulting service with reports designed to help individuals and groups connect to the Internet.

Kaleidospace is committed to rapid development and expansion. In an industry growing faster than any in history, it has set a standard other groups have yet to meet. With its ongoing and developing projects, Kaleidospace intends to establish itself as a premier authority on Internet business development.

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