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KnowledgeWare Signs as a Founding Partner of the Internet-based MecklerWeb Initiative

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- As a part of its strategic electronic commerce program to globally provide information, services and products via Internet, KnowledgeWare Inc. today announced that it has joined as a founding partner of the MecklerWeb Initiative. As a result of the agreement, application developers from around the world will be able to use the Internet to electronically conduct business with KnowledgeWare and interact with its developers, technology specialists, support staff and product experts.

"KnowledgeWare is extremely pleased to be a founding member of the MecklerWeb because we believe that electronic commerce will spawn a new generation of business relationships and alliances beginning at the desktop," said Donald P. Addington, KnowledgeWare president and chief operating officer. "The Internet and services such as MecklerWeb are an exceptional opportunity for KnowledgeWare to participate in the fundamental redefinition of how organizations and individuals interact."

This agreement demonstrates KnowledgeWare's leading-edge approach to providing the global electronic community with easy and immediate access to in-depth information regarding application development technology and issues. KnowledgeWare is the first application development tools company to participate in electronic commerce through MecklerWeb. The company will be a member of the Software Development domain of this new interactive, online service.

"Electronic commerce will radically change the relationship we have with our customers, and it will extend KnowledgeWare as a virtual corporation throughout the global community," said Tom Fisher, KnowledgeWare director of technology. "The global application development community will have ready access to the latest information and technology provided by KnowledgeWare."

This is the first in a series of KnowledgeWare announcements regarding its strategic electronic commerce program. Using the Internet and other electronic services and media to rapidly and cost-effectively respond to the needs of application developers, the company plans to begin delivering information, product demonstrations, training, consulting and support, as well as application objects and templates. KnowledgeWare will launch its electronic commerce program during Summer, 1994.

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KnowledgeWare, Inc. (NASDAQ:KNOW) is a worldwide leader in providing scalable application development tools and services for rapidly responding to changes in business needs and requirements. The Application Development Workbench, ObjectView, Flashpoint, Legacy Workbench, NorthStar, MAXIM, ForeSight and associated products and services are used for developing, redeveloping and maintaining a range of applications in open/ client/server computing environments. To date, the company has shipped more than 126,000 products to 5,000 companies ion 51 countries, and had revenues in its fiscal year 1993 of $128.8 million. Revenues for the first nine months of FY 1994 ending March 31, 1994 were $111.3 million.

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