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NovX Announces Participation in MecklerWeb

INTERNET WORLD, SAN JOSE, Calif., June 1, 1994 -- NovX is pleased to announce it's participation in MecklerWeb, an on-ramp to the Internet providing companies with a powerful online presence. NovX, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, is an Internet integrator providing Internet solutions for companies throughout the United States.

NovX's participation in MecklerWeb is a natural fit. NovX provides Internet server integration including WWW (Mosaic/Lynx), FTP, WAIS, Gopher and Mail servers. These servers are a suite of products called the "Global-Series" that provide companies with the capabilities of marketing their products and services over the Internet through online multimedia publishing. Companies can also offer technical and customer support via the Internet by utilizing these servers.

Business applications

According to Bob Beals, Business Unit Manager for NovX, "Any business can now cost-effectively market it's products and services over the Internet, and the applications for this new technology are endless. For example, an airline can utilize these servers to offer ticket prices and availability, scheduling information, weather reports, and special promotional offers to customers. A travel agency can also access this information, and bring together various travel packages, including hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants and more. Moreover, an airline can track the path a user took to get to the product information, and can then have reports generated for market research."

Says Beals "MecklerWeb offers a great opportunity for a business to have a presence on the Internet through MecklerWeb's server. The user can access hyperlinked multimedia resources and find the information they need. They can then link to the company's on-site WWW server and access additional corporate and product information. For example, an online multimedia catalog that allows the user to actually order products online or a customer support department that allows the user to download product updates, bug fixes and more".

The "Global-Series" of Internet servers NovX's WWW server integration includes modules such as Lynx, a WWW text- based, client application. Users can use Lynx to access WWW sites with SLIP/PPP accounts or via Shell dial-up. Mosaic, a WWW client/server hypertext GUI with multimedia capabilities allows users to browse the Internet and download files from WWW servers.

Other server modules include: Gopher-server, a client/server network application that facilitates inquiry searches; FTP-Server, for file transfer; and Mail-Server, based on Sendmail version 8, which allows the exchange of electronic mail. These servers are high- performance with TCP/IP access and are designed for dial-up connectivity.

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